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Two news announcements recently caught my attention. Only one mentioned automotive, but both have implications for dealerships. First, Apple introduced the iPhone 6 and Apple

We’ve all heard the stories about Generation Y and how different they are from the generations before them. They don’t like talking face to face,

In my previous article, we learned how massive the accessories business is ($40 billion to be exact) and how dealerships are barely capturing 5% of

In 2013, used vehicle sales averaged almost 32%* of a dealership’s total sales dollars. That means maximizing the Used Vehicle Department’s operations can have a

Here’s a question: if you found an advertising strategy that would instantly double the traffic in your service drive, would you do it? Your initial

With kids heading back to school this fall, it might be time to bring yourself and your team back to a classroom as well. Getting

The facts about Gen Y and vehicle purchases are not encouraging. The lack of buyers under age 30 has been a conspicuous gap in the automotive

Recently, we made an update to our ERA® Parts software that can help you quickly boost gross profit for your parts sales, with no extra work by

If we looked at the automotive retail industry 10 years ago, about 16 to 17 million cars were being sold per year by 22,000 dealerships.

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