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In this episode of Reynolds’ new video podcast, Connected, we discuss how many departments in your dealership – sales, service, and BDC – can take

In this episode of Reynolds’ new video podcast, Connected, Josh Allen, vice president of sales at Naked Lime Marketing, addresses some of dealerships’ top concerns

Picture this: you’re one car away from meeting your monthly sales goal, which comes with a nice incentive from the manufacturer. Your salesperson sits down

In this episode of Reynolds’ new video podcast, Connected, Jason Sideris, vice president of fixed operations product planning at Reynolds and Reynolds, discusses how fixed

Welcome to Reynolds and Reynolds’ video podcast, Connected. This series allows all of us to stay connected and work together to navigate through the industry’s

How much does fuel cost your dealership? I mean really cost? What if I told you the amount on your books could be significantly higher

Most people have a love-hate relationship with their CRM tool. In fact, Accent says only 13% of sales teams are satisfied with theirs. That’s because

Your CRM tool is effective at helping your salespeople follow up with customers, but that’s not enough.  “Customer relationship management” is dealership-wide and it’s ongoing. 

Employee turnover is something dealers have to combat on a daily basis and it is expensive. According to the annual NADA Dealership Workforce Study, every

You can hardly scroll down an automotive blog or website or flip through an industry magazine these days without seeing references to market-based pricing.  Certain