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A few months ago I asked a dealer: “Are you going to the NADA Convention?” “Heck no,” he answered. “Those conventions are just ‘trick or

If you’ve ever been to a Disney Park or on a Disney Cruise, you’ll know why people often leave reviews like these: “That’s what memories

McDonald’s has a highly efficient process, and that’s a business model that has been extremely profitable for them. But while there are lessons to be

You’re starting to plan for 2015, and setting goals is part of that equation. Do your goals include becoming more efficient? Hitting new sales targets?

Women’s clothing and accessories company Bebe announced last month that it recently detected what it called “suspicious activity” on the computers that run its payment

When dealers talk about their competition, they’re almost always referring to other dealerships in their area. 20 years ago, it was largely true. Car buyers

I have a friend whose entire extended family has been going to the same repair shop for over 15 years. Every member of his family

You may not know it, but in both ERA-IGNITE and POWER, you have several options to customize the color scheme of the screens you work

Car and truck buyers are spending over $5 billion annually in the U.S. on automotive accessories. The opportunity is clear. In an era of falling gross

Are you looking to get a few more CPE credits this year for your CPA renewal? Reynolds has several NASBA-accredited ‘Net Classes you can take