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Quick “How To’s” for the Rookie or Seasoned POWER User

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Article Highlights:

  • Freshen up your POWER skills.
  • Review how to perform routine, yearly tasks.

Trying to remember the procedure you perform only once a year? Or are you a new employee looking for instructions on your daily tasks? Whether you’re a new or seasoned POWER user, Electronic Documentation Viewer provides helpful online manuals for POWER. Each manual provides:

  • Contents Tab, which lists application menus, reports, and common procedures.
  • Search Tab, which quickly locates topics based on keywords or phrases.
  • Favorites Tab, which stores and quickly locates your favorite topics.

It’s easy to access. Click Electronic Documentation located in your Navigation Bar, and then highlight the desired manual.


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Select View Document, followed by Accept to access the manual.

You can also select the blue “closed book” icon within any POWER application to bring you directly to the online manual for that specific application.


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Here are a few things you can take advantage of with the Electronic Documentation Viewer:

Thorough Procedural Descriptions

Each online manual contains step-by-step instructions for common procedures. These range from daily activities such as “How to Add a Repair Order,” found in the Service manual, to procedures performed once or twice a year such as “How to Reset the Server Clock,” found in the System Administrator manual.

To access all available procedures, select the Contents tab and double-click Procedures.


Quick How To's - Procedures_2_600x400


System Report Examples

Electronic Documentation Viewer provides quick descriptions and examples of system reports. The description provides clear information regarding the report’s content, while each sample report presents formatting and data examples.




Customizable Favorites Tab

The favorites tab allows you to save some of your commonly referenced topics. To view the topic, select the Favorites tab, and then select the Add button. If you added a document by mistake, highlight the topic and select Remove.


Quick How To's - Favorites_600x400


Even if you’re an experienced POWER user, it doesn’t hurt to take a peek at the manual every once in a while—you may learn something new! If you ever need assistance, call the POWER Support Center at 800.999.6348.

For additional POWER tips and tricks, check out Reynolds Software Education’s training options.

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Jennifer McReynolds has worked in Software Education over 15 years. In addition to overseeing the training of her instructors, Jennifer reviews and updates course materials to match recent software changes.

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