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POWER Accounting: Configure Your Management Accounting Menu

management accounting
Article Highlights:

  • Have frequently used modules right at your fingertips.
  • Select multiple modules to use in your Management Accounting menu.

Would you like your POWER Management Accounting Menu to display the processes you use on a more frequent basis?  You can customize your menu for easy access to the accounting functions you use most, including End of Month reports, Smart Tips—hints to use the Management Accounting software more efficiently, your scheduled reconciliations, unposted accounting reports, and notices of upcoming scheduled standard entry postings.

Managment Accounting Menu

To set up your Management Accounting Menu:


1. Go to Management Accounting (MAC).

2. Select the View Management Accounting – Menu link in the top left corner of your screen.

3. Select the New Module icon.

new module icon

4. Select any of the modules you would like to add to your desktop, including End of Month Reports, My Smartips, Scheduled Reconciliations, Unposted Accounting, and Variable Routine                     Entries.

5. The MAC Module Settings window displays as you select each module.  Follow the prompts and make additional entries to customize what you want to include in the module and how you                 want alerts to display.

End of Month Reports Module Window

6. Press F12 to save your changes.

7. To refresh your Management Accounting desktop with the most recent data, press F5.


You should now see your selected modules when you open Management Accounting.

For more easy ways to use your POWER system better, check out our previous system tips.

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Oscar Walker is the Director of Software Education, with over 25 years experience in teaching and training management. During his career, Oscar has taught courses in six different countries and two different languages.

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