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Customize the Look of your ERA-IGNITE or POWER Screens

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Article Highlights:

  • You have several options to customize the look of the screens you work in.
  • You can assign different colors to each branch you work in.

You may not know it, but in both ERA-IGNITE and POWER, you have several options to customize the color scheme of the screens you work in every day.

These can be fun, because they let you tailor the look of your system screens to your own tastes. Different colors can be helpful too, especially if you switch between stores on a regular basis.

By customizing the look of your screens, you can assign different colors to each branch you work in, making it easier to see at a glance which store you’re in at any given moment.

Customize Your Screen Colors in ERA-IGNITE or POWER

To access the color preferences from any screen:

  1. Go to “System Tools” in the upper toolbar.
  2. Choose “Preferences” then “Preferences” again.
  3. On the “Appearance” tab, you’ll find a drop-down list with an option for different color schemes.

Whatever color you choose will affect all screens for that store. You can also set different colors for different stores.

That way, if you have screens from multiple stores open at once, it’ll be much easier for you to see which store you’re working in.

Here are some examples of the screen options:

1. White

Customize the Look of your ERA or POWER - white

2. Grayscale

Customize the Look of your ERA or POWER - grayscale

3. Olive Green

Customize the Look of your ERA or POWER - olive green

4. Gold and Crimson

Customize the Look of your ERA or POWER - gold and crimson


It can be easy to miss some of the simple, helpful personalization features that are included in your software.

Whether you just want to mix up the look of your screens, or you use the options to improve your workflow when switching between stores, the steps above can be easily implemented by anyone using ERA-IGNITE or POWER.

For more information about software education and training, please visit the Reynolds Training Options page.

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Director, Software Education, Reynolds and Reynolds

Oscar Walker is the Director of Software Education, with over 25 years experience in teaching and training management. During his career, Oscar has taught courses in six different countries and two different languages.

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