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Jason Sideris

Vice President of Fixed Operations Product Planning

Jason Sideris is the vice president of fixed operations product management at Reynolds and Reynolds. For over 25 years, his focus has been on how innovative technology and dealership processes come together to create an efficient experience where both dealership customers and employees thrive.

Articles by Jason Sideris:

man using tablet in the service drive

5 Steps to Successfully Implement Technology in Service

Upgrading to new technology in service can feel like a huge undertaking for everyone involved – the users, service management, and even the dealer. A

High gas prices at the pump

Inflation’s Impact on Service

Due to supply constraints and high demand, we’ve seen vehicle prices skyrocket over the last two years. And now we are also seeing other segments

Scheduling appointments online

A Flexible Service Experience Creates Lifetime Value

It should go without saying that one of dealers’ top goals for their business is sustainable, long-term profitability. While the day-to-day rush of dealership operations

The Changing Landscape: Digital Experiences in Service

The Changing Landscape: How to Surpass Expectations in Service

As dealers continue to digitize more and more of their operations, finding the right balance between physical and digital customer interactions has become trickier. There’s

Young girl scanning Disney wristband

3 Things Missing From Your Service Drive That Are Hurting Your Customer…

Whether you’ve been to Disney World in the last few years or not, you most likely know about their MagicBands. These sporty wrist bands are

Takeout food sitting on front steps

3 Things Missing From Your Service Drive That Are Hurting Your Customer…

One of the best conveniences in life is ordering takeout. Having it show up on your doorstep is one of life’s simple pleasures. But the

Chalkboard with repeated stick figures

3 Things Missing From Your Service Drive That Are Hurting Your Customer…

As we discussed in the first article of this series, the check-in process is the most important area in service to focus customer experience because

Puzzle pieces

3 Things Missing From Your Service Drive That Are Hurting Your Customer…

Customer experience. You know you need to care about it and should always aim to improve it. But why? Is it because OEMs put so

Kiosk with key drop off service

The 24/7 Drop Box: Round-the-Clock Kiosk Access Boosts Customer…

If there’s one insight retailers can take away from 2020, it might be consumers’ appetite for contactless processes, flexibility, and convenience is only growing stronger.

Advisor taking notes on clipboard

What We Learned: Fixed Ops Processes During the Coronavirus Pandemic

This is the second part in our two-part series over lessons from the Coronavirus pandemic. Check out the first article over fixed operations marketing strategy