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3 Things Missing From Your Service Drive That Are Hurting Your Customer Experience: Convenience (Part 2)

Takeout food sitting on front steps
Article Highlights:

  • Convenience plays an important role in the customer experience.
  • There are four things you can do to make service check-in more convenient.

One of the best conveniences in life is ordering takeout. Having it show up on your doorstep is one of life’s simple pleasures. But the best part of takeout food is how the convenience of the process has evolved.

Takeout and delivery used to be calling, placing your order, and either picking it up or having it delivered.

Now, there are additional options like ordering online, ordering via text, or using the countless 3rd party delivery services like GrubHub, UberEats, and DoorDash. Ordering takeout today has become incredibly convenient – and it’s largely due to the options we have to choose from.

In a world of instant gratification, we have become increasingly impatient and companies have had to evolve because of it. Great examples of this are Uber, InstaCart, and Amazon. They disrupted their entire industries and set a new standard – things at your fingertips instantly.

This affects your customers’ expectations at your dealership and will impact what they consider a convenient service check-in!

Here are four things you can do to start delivering convenience to your service customers:

  1. Remove any barriers that could make the experience feel difficult. For example, if waiting in a line is considered your service drive’s biggest inconvenience, provide customers with multiple check-in options to cut down lines and speed up traffic flow.
  2. Ensure the check-in process is as efficient as possible. People love to kill two birds with one stone. Capitalize on every opportunity to let the customer do something now that eliminates them having to do it later – like signing estimates, for example.
  3. Acknowledge that convenience looks different in different industries and respond to your customers’ needs. People have preconceived notions that doing anything at a dealership will take longer than expected, so implement convenient, quick options that prove your dealership is efficient and respectful of customers’ time.
  4. Let your customers feel in control of their experience by providing check-in options. When you give customers the option to talk to an advisor, complete self-check in, or even drop off their car after hours, you let them take control and put the convenience in their hands.

Customers notice when you put in the effort to make their experience convenient, which plays a big part in creating positive first impressions. Check out the final article in this series to see the third component needed to achieve profitable first impressions in service.

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Vice President of Fixed Operations Product Planning

Jason Sideris is the vice president of fixed operations product management at Reynolds and Reynolds. For over 25 years, his focus has been on how innovative technology and dealership processes come together to create an efficient experience where both dealership customers and employees thrive.

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