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3 Things Missing From Your Service Drive That Are Hurting Your Customer Experience: Technology (Part 3)

Young girl scanning Disney wristband
Article Highlights:

  • Technology allows you to deliver on personalization and convenience.
  • With all three, you can achieve profitable first impressions in service.

Whether you’ve been to Disney World in the last few years or not, you most likely know about their MagicBands.

These sporty wrist bands are designed to be a one-stop shop for every guest’s wants and needs. It’s a hotel key, park ticket, fast pass, and credit card, all in one. It even pulls all the photographs taken of you into your account for safe keeping of your vacation memories.

On top of that, they are delivered to your house beforehand in a personalized box with each band and person’s name on display.

Disney left no stone unturned with these devices, and as a result, delivered on personalization and convenience.

In the previous articles, we talked about creating positive first impressions in your service drive through personalization and convenience. Disney’s MagicBands are a perfect example of why technology is the piece that ties your customer experience together.

The reality is, today’s customer expects technology to make their experience faster and easier. Having technology in place will meet customer expectations, but the right technology will make your service department stand out from the rest.

This means customers will remember your dealership, spend more while they are there, and keep coming back.

Here’s how the right technology can enhance customer experience:

  • Greet your customers by name when they pull onto your drive. A screen with their name up in lights is the first thing they see. Your service advisor is also notified when they arrive so they can greet the customer by name as soon as they open their door. The customer immediately feels like more than just a number. You are able to present accurate customer and appointment information, making their greeting efficient and personalized.
  • Your advisor has all of the customer’s information readily available on a tablet. They have access to all of their personal information, purchase history, and previously declined recommendations. The advisor creates a digital RO the customer signs during check-in. Not only does it provide convenience and personalization to the customer, but makes your employees lives easier with accurate, electronic information.
  • Your customer can check themselves in at a kiosk in your service drive. This enables your customers to choose their own experience and reduce morning bottlenecks with your advisors. Customers are able to review their appointment with all their information, look through recommended services and maintenance menus, add additional work or notes, and potentially even leave their keys at the kiosk. When you provide an outdoor kiosk, customers can check in after hours and further reduce “rush hour” for you and increase convenience for them.

Once you have all of these in play, you are cultivating positive first impressions. You will gain lifelong customers who are willing to spend and recommend more because you showed up for them in the first 27 seconds.

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Vice President of Fixed Operations Product Planning

Jason Sideris is the vice president of fixed operations product planning at Reynolds and Reynolds. For over 25 years, his focus has been on how innovative technology and dealership processes come together to create an efficient experience where both dealership customers and employees thrive.

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