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Carl Bennett

Director, Reynolds Consulting Services

Carl Bennett is the vice president of customer success services. This team, under Bennet’s leadership, teaches automotive retailers in the U.S. and Canada how to achieve higher levels of success and better results throughout their dealership. Bennet has spent over 15 years with Reynolds, helping dealerships through training, consulting, and installation roles. Prior to joining Reynolds, Bennett worked in dealerships for 15 years as a general manager, finance director, and sales manager.

Articles by Carl Bennett:

Abandoned Sears store

Lessons from Sears on Adaption

It’s important to take time and reflect every now and then. It helps us make sure we have learned something in preparation for the future.

Young people holding mobile phones in a circle

How do you sell to Gen Z?

Millennials are almost 40 and the buying habits they brought about are now the norm. Now the next generation – Generation Z – is starting

Team gathered around desks

Three Tips to Get the Most from Your 20 Group

Do you know who invented the 20 Group concept? You might be surprised to hear it was Ben Franklin. In 1727, he and twelve friends

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Accessory Myth: “Pre-loading is enough for us.”

Our fifth and final accessory myth is a major deterrent when it comes to setting up an accessory department… “I don’t need to sell accessories; we

Service shop

Dealership Stickiness: Atmosphere Keeps Them Coming Back

In my first two articles about dealership stickiness, we explored how dealerships can deliver a five-star customer experience by providing a great first impression and superior customer service.

Man taking piece of money pie

Accessory Myth: “Accessory sales will take away from parts…

Most dealerships today aren’t actively selling accessories; customers typically approach the parts department at their own discretion. So when I bring up actively selling accessories

Man pulled in two directions

Accessory Myth: “Accessory sales will take away from F&I…

The third accessory myth in our series that I hear is, “adding accessories into the vehicle sales process will take away from F&I.” These dealers believe

Customer sitting in car

Dealership Stickiness: Customer Service Is Key

My previous article in the dealership stickiness series stressed the importance of first appearances. A strong first impression sets the stage to a great customer experience, and dealership

Family buying new vehicle

Dealership Stickiness: How First Appearances Make or Break a Deal

We’ve all heard the phrase website stickiness, but relatively few people have considered the concept of dealership stickiness. What I mean by this is providing

customer speaking with two salesmen in a car dealership

Going Back to Basics: Get Up and Move

Recently, while talking about days gone by, I recalled a lesson I liked using on site. Prior to a scheduled meeting with management, I would