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Brent McDorman

Product Planning, Reynolds and Reynolds

Brent worked in the product planning department at Reynolds and Reynolds, enhancing the parts department through innovative product design and enhancements. His specialization came from 20 years of experience in automotive parts and service.

Articles by Brent McDorman:

Every fixed operations department should have a right-hand man.

Your Fixed Operations Department’s Right-Hand Man

Every fixed operations department needs a right-hand man to help assist in completing tasks.


5 Things You Need in a Parts Scanner

We encounter barcode scanning almost daily in our lives.  We see it at the grocery store, gas station, airport, and when we scan our phones

Keyboard numbers

Mousetrap Series: How well do you know the Dirty Dozen shortcuts?

Do you know the Dirty Dozen? Back in the summer of ‘67, when muscle cars roamed the streets and 8–track tapes were the hot way

Counter sales screenshot

Mousetrap Series: 3 Tips to Speed Up Parts Processing in ERA-IGNITE

In part one of the mousetrap series, you learned why using a computer mouse can slow down the parts department. Now it’s time to learn a few

Mouse next to computer mouse

Mousetrap Series: The Rodent in the Room

Mice are not large; they’re very small.  Most of them will fit in your hand.  They don’t look scary and don’t need to eat much.