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Your Fixed Operations Department’s Right-Hand Man

Every fixed operations department should have a right-hand man.
Article Highlights:

  • Every fixed operations department should have a right-hand man to rely on.
  • They can save you time and make you more efficient.

A right-hand man is someone always willing to help you when you need it. Someone for you to rely and count on. Someone who is dependable and shows up when work needs to be done. Someone who helps you improve and makes your life just a little bit easier.

In fixed operations, this is a person who can handle some of your workload that will free your employees to work on more profitable activities and streamlining your processes. A person that will help you keep better track of all the deliveries, customers, and vehicles being moved in and out of your store.

Let me explain in more detail what an extra set of hands could do for your fixed department.

Parts Delivery

If a part is coming from an outside source, you may not have the time or resources to go get the part yourself. You can send your right-hand man to go and retrieve the part or they could even deliver a part if it was necessary. They could move parts where they need to be and give you time back for more profitable activities.

Customer Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Let your right-hand man handle all of the drop-off and pick-up requests from customers. They could secure your customers a ride through Uber for Business. You could even have them offer a concierge-like service to get your customers to and from their destination. Offering these types of services to customers helps increase overall satisfaction. Your customers know they are going to get where they need to go and don’t have to worry about finding their own ride or waiting in the dealership for hours.

Shuttling Vehicles

A right-hand man should even be able to take care of shuttling your store’s vehicles. If you have a car in service that needs to be taken to an off-site body shop, how are you getting it there? If you have an off brand car needing to go to another dealership to handle a recall, you shouldn’t have to waste time shuttling the vehicle yourself. Your right-hand man can take the car to the dealership and ensure your cars are being accurately shuttled between locations, leaving you with more time and less worry.

Inspections and Trade Appraisals

Do you have someone who can do inspections and trade appraisals… right from the customer’s house? A right-hand man could assist in completing the walk around, taking and sending photos of the customer’s vehicle, and even taking note of any damages the vehicle may have on it.

Your right-hand man is someone who continues to make your store more efficient and operate better for yourself and customers. They are the extra help that is vital to your business. You can keep employees from having to complete administrative, time-consuming tasks, and keep them working in their bays or communicating with your customers. Find yours today.

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Product Planning, Reynolds and Reynolds

Brent works in the product planning department at Reynolds and Reynolds, enhancing the parts department through innovative product design and enhancements. His specialization comes from 20 years of experience in automotive parts and service.

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