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Alex Abramovich

Reynolds Consulting Services

Alex produced tremendous results in his 10 years as sales manager, finance manager, and general manager for various dealerships throughout the country. He brought his skills to the Reynolds Consulting group in 2012, and is currently the West Region Manager. Alex specializes in helping dealerships adapt and succeed in the changing market through process and system improvements. His fixed ops skills have assisted dealerships with processes in both service and in parts.  He has also led a series of seminars for the Gulf States Toyota, Inc.

Articles by Alex Abramovich:

Man with hand on chin

Dealers Talked – Alex Listened

I had the pleasure of moderating a discussion at DrivingSales’ President’s Club, held in New York City. I always enjoy participating in industry conferences and

Woman smiling

Sensing a Cold? Take Your Employees’ Temperatures With These Tips for…

One challenge facing automotive retailers that has proven to be a very tough nut to crack is high turnover rates among 20-and-30-something Generation Y’ers (a.k.a.

Man on the phone

4 Tips to Convert More Phone Leads

60% of dealers are not confident in how they manage incoming calls, and nearly one-third believe one in five calls are lost to a competitor[1]. Most dealers

Woman with headset

Are you dropping the call?

A study done by Forrester Consulting found that inbound phone calls make up over 25% of all sales. These phone customers are buying faster, spending more, and

Man on mobile phone

Four Ways to Prevent Salespeople From Leaving With Your Customers

According to NADA, salespeople in the automotive industry have a turnover rate of 72%. That’s 38% higher than the turnover rate for other industries. Why is

Change definition

3 Tips to Make Your Next BIG Change Yield BIG Results

Change is the only constant since the beginning of time. Yet, it remains one of the most difficult things to do. The majority of people struggle

laptop losing money

Investment vs. Expense: Are You Getting the Most from Your Solutions?

Regular exercise is a great way to stay healthy and add years to your life. Let’s say your goal is to get in better shape.


Train Your Service Staff to Be Awesome on the Phone

In my last two articles, I focused on the importance of handling inbound calls from prospects looking to purchase a vehicle. Today we turn our

Put a process in place for your dealerhsip phone ups

2 Phone Up Processes that Work

$621. That’s how much the average car dealership spends on advertising per new vehicle sold, according to NADA Data 2013. Whether you realize it or