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Sidney Haider

Vice President, AddOnAuto, Reynolds and Reynolds

Sidney Haider is founder and leader of AddOnAuto, the leading digital platform for marketing and selling vehicle accessories. Haider was previously general sales manager at Keyes Automotive and e-commerce director at Galpin Motors.

Articles by Sidney Haider:

Red apple in sea of green apples

Does personalization affect accessory sales?

One key challenge all dealers face is how to connect with today’s consumer. Consumers are all about personalization. In fact, think about your family’s phones.

Man driving

Show Some Accessory Love to Your Used Car Buyers

The accessories market is a hot topic right now for dealerships. With less profit coming from the actual car sale, how are you going to

Men shaking hands

How to Sell Accessories by NOT Selling Accessories

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in December 2014. It was updated with new information in March 2017.     According to the 2016 SEMA


Welcome to Your Dealership’s New Profit Center

If we looked at the automotive retail industry 10 years ago, about 16 to 17 million cars were being sold per year by 22,000 dealerships.