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Rob Leary

Rob Leary was the National Sales Director of Fixed Operations for Reynolds and Reynolds. With more than 25 years of automotive experience and a focus on fixed operations, he offered a passion and knowledge about what is relevant and important in today’s rapidly evolving automotive world.

Articles by Rob Leary:

Salesperson talking to customer

Rethink Service: How to Capture Every Opportunity

As automotive retailers, we make every effort to scout, greet, qualify, and sell to potential customers on the front end. We advertise in print, digital,

Customer loyalty

Why Aren’t They Coming Back? Tips for Boosting Service Loyalty

One of the biggest problems dealerships face is defection. Customers are spending a majority of parts and service dollars, nearly 70% of $310 billion according

Technician working on vehicle

The 3 C’s Your Technicians Need to Succeed

Dealerships need solid technicians. Today, automotive retailers only collect 13% of the $232 billion service market according to Dealer Magazine. The rest of this business goes

Are You Getting the Most Out of Every Recall?

Vehicle manufacturers posted another record year – not in production, but in recalls. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, manufacturers recalled over