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Randi Salyer

Randi Salyer was a Marketing Communications Professional at Reynolds and Reynolds. Prior to working at Reynolds, Randi graduated from Wright State University with a degree in Mass Communications and English.

Articles by Randi Salyer:

Brand diagram

Take Advantage of Brand Defection

Every seller wants the new buyer – Samsung wants the Apple customer, UnderArmor wants the Nike customer, and Burger King wants the McDonald’s customer. And


Digital Strategy Series: Pinpoint Precision With SEO and Social

Whether dealers are found by their customers, and how they build relationships with them, depends on what they say online and where they say it.

Customer getting her keys

Digital Strategy Series: Quality Leads From Your Dealer Data

Digital marketing is a crucial part of how dealers capture customer attention and attract people to the dealership. But, with all of the digital channels

Social media bubbles

The Rise of Social… Again

By now, you know social media is a great way to promote your dealership online and get your name out there. You’re probably even using Facebook or

Salesperson talking to couple

Keep Your Dealership in the Palm of Your Hand

Mobile technology is changing lives. How do you get your breaking news? How do you take photos? What’s the last thing you do before bed?