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Katie Westfall

Katie earned a bachelor’s degree in Media Management with a minor in Business from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. She was a Marketing Communications Professional at Reynolds and Reynolds in Dayton.

Articles by Katie Westfall:

Five star rating

We are living in “The Age of the Customer.” What you do at your dealership matters, but what the customer thinks about your dealership matters

Old television

What makes a successful TV commercial, one that causes buzz at the water cooler the next day? In the last edition, Bruce Hughes and I reviewed the

Top 10 award

What makes one television commercial make a product fly off the shelves, while another goes completely unnoticed? It’s not a star actor, top-dollar special effects,


DVRs, or Digital Video Recording Devices, have been around for over 20 years. In fact, it is estimated that over 62% of US households have at

How to take photos

We’ve all seen “Meet the Team” photos on dealership websites. Why is it a majority of the photos look like mug shots? I sat down