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Katie Westfall

Katie earned a bachelor’s degree in Media Management with a minor in Business from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. She was a Marketing Communications Professional at Reynolds and Reynolds in Dayton.

Articles by Katie Westfall:

We are living in “The Age of the Customer.” What you do at your dealership matters, but what the customer thinks about your dealership matters

What makes a successful TV commercial, one that causes buzz at the water cooler the next day? In the last edition, Bruce Hughes and I reviewed the

What makes one television commercial make a product fly off the shelves, while another goes completely unnoticed? It’s not a star actor, top-dollar special effects,

DVRs, or Digital Video Recording Devices, have been around for over 20 years. In fact, it is estimated that over 62% of US households have at

We’ve all seen “Meet the Team” photos on dealership websites. Why is it a majority of the photos look like mug shots? I sat down