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ERA-IGNITE System Tips

Accounting main page screenshot

Quick “How-To’s” for General Purchases

The General Purchases Journal is one of the most used journals in ERA-IGNITE Accounting. With thousands of invoices throughout the month, there is increased chance

Shop View screenshot

Shop View Series: Missed Appointments

Welcome to the last tip in our Shop View series! We last talked about how to check technician availability in Shop View when scheduling quick

Shop View screenshot

Shop View Series: Do you have open availability?

Welcome back to the Shop View series! We last talked about how to build and save custom report criteria in Shop View to help consolidate

Shop View screenshot

Shop View Series: Building and Saving Custom Reports

The Shop View screen in the Service application has many bells and whistles – some you may not know about. Over the next few months,

General Purchases screenshot

Quick Tips: Setting Up Vendor Defaults in ERA-IGNITE

Most invoices need to be recorded in the General Purchases journal. However, the stacks of invoices that make their way to the accounting department can

Retail markup options screenshot

Quick Tips: Track Extra Parts Profits in ERA-IGNITE

You’ve increased your parts price levels by just a few cents, but do you know how much that is affecting your bottom line? Two ERA-IGNITE

Core Inventory value screenshot

System Upkeep: Clearing Dirty Core Inventory

Inventory time is here. It’s a good idea to return your dirty core inventory to the supplier so money isn’t just sitting on your shelves.

Basic profile information screenshot

Starting the Work Day Just Got Simpler

Without the first cup of coffee, starting the day off at work can be hard, especially for a manager. With voicemails, emails, customers coming in

Repair Order Billing screenshot

Clean Up Repair Orders to Avoid Problems

You have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of repair orders (ROs) moving through the service department each month. It’s possible some have slipped through the cracks

RO Exceptions screenshot

Track Service Exceptions Daily to Protect Your Bottom Line

Question: What can you do in the next two minutes that will give  you a detailed view of what is really going on in service? Answer: Run