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Will Farley

Vice President of Data Strategy

Will started his career at Reynolds in 2000, and he has held various positions from website support specialist to business development management, and multiple roles on our Data Services team. As Vice President of Data Strategy, Will understands that data will power the foreseeable future, and he continues to provide a clear and concise data strategy for the company. As Chief Privacy Officer, he helps Reynolds be effective stewards of that data and helps Reynolds earn and maintain our dealers’ trust and the trust of their consumers.

Articles by Will Farley:

encrypted computer code

Why Cybercriminals Target Dealerships

Dealerships are prime targets for cyber attacks and many auto dealers fail to realize the gravity of this truth. Some consider cybersecurity as just another

Digital padlock

The FTC Safeguards Rule Amendments + You + Reynolds… What You Need to…

Update: The FTC announced an extension of six months to the amendments of the Safeguards Rule. The amendments will not take effect until June 9,