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Sean O’Connor

Reynolds Consulting Services

Sean has 11 years of in-dealership experience working in various roles for Fixed Operations. He joined the Reynolds Consulting Services team in 2013 so that he could help improve dealership processes and system utilization. He consults on CRM processes, Retail Sales Operations, and Fixed Operations.

Articles by Sean O’Connor:

Time vs money

How Can You Create More Time in Service?

Take a second and think about how you are measuring time in your dealership. Are you wasting it or saving it?

Two technicians working on smoking engine

Don’t Work on a Hot Engine

While your dealership processes are cooled down, find ways to work on and improve them.

Man standing in front of vehicle with open hood

4 Reasons Customers Need Your Service

With many people and businesses continuing to practice social distancing, things remain slow – including your customers’ schedules. This means their vehicles are not in

Reviewing data

5 Things Every Dealership Should Do to Prepare for the Future

Your dealership is successful and running smoothly. That’s a great first step. Now it’s time to forget about today’s success and look to the future.

Advisor showing customer her vehicle

4 Tips for Upselling in Fixed Ops

Look at the number of customers who visit your parts and service departments each day. Now compare that number with your sales floor traffic. Most

Customer signing on tablet

Tips to Exceed Expectations in Service

Picture this: You arrive at a hotel after a long day of travel.  It’s well past midnight and you find yourself alone in a quiet