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Reynolds and Reynolds

Driven by our 150-year legacy of product innovation and customer service, our vision for the future is to help dealers transform every aspect of their business and the customer experience.

Articles by Reynolds and Reynolds:

Opportunity sign

The Ground Is Shifting — Again

The past eight years since the recession have put automotive manufacturers and retailers to the test. Overall, they’ve passed with flying colors. The industry sold


What Does It Mean to Be Effective? (Plus 3 Examples)

McDonald’s has a highly efficient process, and that’s a business model that has been extremely profitable for them. But while there are lessons to be

man multitasking

3 Companies That Excel at Efficiency: Does Your Dealership Compare?

When dealers talk about their competition, they’re almost always referring to other dealerships in their area. 20 years ago, it was largely true. Car buyers

The future vs the past

Connecting the Dots without Missing the Opportunity: Back to the Future

Two news announcements recently caught my attention. Only one mentioned automotive, but both have implications for dealerships. First, Apple introduced the iPhone 6 and Apple

Facing the Facts with Gen Y

Facing the Facts – and Misperceptions – about Gen Y

The facts about Gen Y and vehicle purchases are not encouraging. The lack of buyers under age 30 has been a conspicuous gap in the automotive

Sell More Parts in Your Dealership

How to Lift Parts Gross Without an Increase in Sales

Recently, we made an update to our ERA® Parts software that can help you quickly boost gross profit for your parts sales, with no extra work by

Hiding in Plain Sight

Hiding in Plain Sight: What Dealers Don’t Know Can Hurt Them

When the dust settled from the initial data security breach at Target stores, the way the hackers got into the company’s network turned out to

Dealerships in the New Normal

Automotive Retailing in the New Normal

When the dust settled after the flurry of automotive sales at the end of 2013, the industry had recorded another year of increasing vehicle sales-

Why Dealers Should Worry

The “Costco Effect” – And Why Dealers Should Worry

A story aired on NBC News not long ago that confirmed what most dealers have observed over the past several years about car shoppers. But

Man driving

Americans Are Driving Less; Should Dealers Worry More?

There’s a little discussed social trend that’s largely gone unnoticed and been masked somewhat by the surge in industry sales back to pre-recession levels. A