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Ray Skiba

Reynolds Consulting Services

Ray has 14 years of automotive retail experience, including six years as a General Sales Manager. He’s been with Reynolds Consulting Services since 2001 and is qualified to consult on CRM and BDC processes.

Articles by Ray Skiba:

Profits ahead sign

5 Simple Steps to Maximize Used Vehicle Profits

Every day a unit sits on your lot is a day it’s costing you money. You need to make sure your inventory is available to

Man inspecting car

2 Appraisal Factors You Need to Consider

According to NADA*, 66% of the used vehicle department’s inventory comes from trade-ins on new and used vehicle sales. It’s extremely important to properly appraise

The secret to profitability is data

Data: The Secret to Acquiring Profitable Inventory for Your Dealership

In 2013, used vehicle sales averaged almost 32%* of a dealership’s total sales dollars. That means maximizing the Used Vehicle Department’s operations can have a