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Matt Clark

Reynolds Consulting Services

Matt Clark joined the Reynolds Consulting Services team in 2004. He is accomplished in eCommerce, internet, CRM, sales process, and digital marketing consulting. He has over 25 years of automotive experience, including positions as General Sales Manager, BDC Manager, Internet Manager, and Sales Professional.


Articles by Matt Clark:

Computer monitor showing Spam inbox

Are your emails getting through?

Dealerships are accustomed to emailing follow-up and promotional messages to their customers. It’s a tried and true communication channel, but getting emails read by customers


Are You Prepared to Lose Profits in Your Sales Department?

Change in the retail sales environment is fast and formidable. The margins dealerships see in new car sales are slim and continue to shrink. Transparency

Couple talking

Top 4 Misses In Your BDC

Generating new opportunities is the most important job of the business development center. If you’re not running it correctly, you’ll miss out on numerous opportunities for your


4 Tips to Create a Stronger Sales Team

We all know dealerships have a high employee turnover rate throughout every department. According to Automotive News, the sales department has one of the highest


Sending the Email Is Not the Final Step

In the previous three articles we covered best practices to follow before sending an email. Today we’re going to examine best practices for after you

Customers Waiting in a Waiting Room

New Sales Are Hiding In Your Dealership – Do You Know Where to Find…

Are you searching for proven methods to bring in new sales? Look no further than your service waiting area. Customers with more service visits over

Man writing emails

The Three W’s of Email Targeting

In my previous two articles we covered best practices to help ensure your messages reach the recipient and how to increase the likelihood the recipient will

email inbox spam folder

Did You Know Email Content Affects Deliverability?

Previously, we discussed the importance of sharpening your “front lines” before you send an email. That is, each email you send needs a strong subject

person clicking the delete key on a computer keyboard

Tired of Customers Ignoring Your Emails?

Think of the last magazine you picked up or promotional email you opened. Most likely, something you saw before opening it caught your eye and