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Keith Hill

Vice President, Sales, Reynolds and Reynolds

Keith Hill was vice president of Sales for Reynolds and Reynolds, leading the U.S. Systems Sales organization. During his over 16-year career at Reynolds, Hill gained a breadth of industry and dealership experience, having served in service, training, and sales leadership roles.

Articles by Keith Hill:

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Find the Perfect Technology Match with Downloadable Scorecard

I recently wrote an article about the difficulty of searching for a new technology vendor. I realized many dealerships might not be ready for an overhaul, they

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5 Questions to Consider Before Contracting with a New Technology Vendor

Taking the first step in looking for a new technology provider is difficult. Even more difficult, making sure you ask the right questions and take

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On Any Given Day, 75 Percent Are Repeat Customers

If you’ve ever been to a Disney Park or on a Disney Cruise, you’ll know why people often leave reviews like these: “That’s what memories