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Joe Witt

Vendor Relations Business Manager, AddOnAuto, Reynolds and Reynolds

Joe Witt started as an implementation consultant with the AddOnAuto team in 2011 and became the Vendor Relations Business Manager for AddOnAuto soon after.

Articles by Joe Witt:

Enthusiasts vs non-enthusiasts

Selling Accessories to Enthusiasts vs Non-Enthusiasts

SEMA recently published its latest market report with a lot of new findings. The most exciting finding is that the accessory industry garnered an extraordinary $42.92

Couple looking at vehicle

How Do You Sell Accessories?

How do you sell accessories? This isn’t a trick question or the intro to Sales 101. It’s a legitimate query, and for dealers, having a

Money symbol on keyboard

Help Your Salespeople Make Hundreds More Per Month

In this industry, if you’re not pulling out all the stops to grow net profits and maximize your customer wallet share on every transaction, you’ll

Group high-fiving

A Surprise Benefit to Selling Accessories

Many dealerships would agree, the most obvious benefit to selling accessories is the profit potential. You might even be able to picture the added OEM bonus money

Accessory success

The Recipe for Accessory Sales Success

Every successful dealership embraces the basic selling techniques and processes to sell cars. The better you follow them, the more you will experience higher closing ratios,

Man taking a selfie

What’s Missing From Your Repeat/Referral Business Strategy?

Every dealership I’ve visited has a strategy for repeat and referral business. The most typical strategies include emails and postcards for service appointments, general check-ups