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Ed Pontis

Director, Product Planning, CRM and Variable Ops, Reynolds and Reynolds

Ed Pontis was Director of Product Planning at Reynolds and Reynolds for CRM and variable operations solutions including FOCUS, docuPAD®, Desking and more. Ed was previously a director in a large international consulting firm, bringing in leading practices from these segments to Reynolds.

Articles by Ed Pontis:

man considering three paths

7 Steps for Finding the Right CRM for You

Follow these steps for help researching and finding the best CRM solution for your dealership's needs.

Hexagons with CRM icons

3 Must-Have Features to Redefine Your CRM

Your CRM tool is effective at helping your salespeople follow up with customers, but that’s not enough.  “Customer relationship management” is dealership-wide and it’s ongoing. 

Couple sitting in front seat of car

Is your dealership the one consumers want to buy from?

We all know shoppers seek transparent, hassle-free experiences with faster transaction times. Why do you think so many people shop online and even subscribe to

Man and woman shaking hands

3 Ways to Personalize Your Customer Buying Experience

In today’s fast-paced world, consumers want quick buying experiences that give them exactly what they need. But a fast car buying experience does not always equate

Man on mobile phone

4 Key Elements to Making Your Sales Team Mobile

Smartphones have become an essential part of modern life. A recent Google study reports that 87% of users always have their smartphone at their side. While

Man in office drowning in paper

Who Is Running Your Dealership: You or Paper?

Take a step back and look at how much paper is controlling your dealership. Every deal you complete involves nearly 39 feet of paper. When

People on mobile phones

3 Reasons You Should Text Your Customers

With nearly two-thirds of Americans owning a smartphone and 90% owning some sort of cellphone, text messaging has become a regular form of communication. We’ve


How to Identify and Sell to 4 Personality Types

Chances are, at some point in your life, you have taken a personality assessment. What did it tell you? Are you laid-back? A worrier? Detail-oriented?

Identify customer

3 Techniques to Help You Identify Customers Ready to Buy

Research states that it costs at least five times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep one (Harvard Business Review, 2014). That’s

Dealership CRM

3 Mistakes That Turn Customers Off

A customer comes to your dealership, looks at a car, appears interested, leaves, and never comes back. What happened? In my experience, when prospects disappear