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Anne Ravensbeck

Product Planning, Reynolds and Reynolds

Anne Ravensbeck is a Product Planning manager for Sales and F&I applications at Reynolds and Reynolds.

Articles by Anne Ravensbeck:

Old Model T car next to a fence

Lessons from a Trip Down Memory Lane

The legacy of the automotive industry is one of triumph and progression. One thing that comes to mind is the evolution of manufacturing. It’s hard

Man bumping fist into air

Empowering Your Customers to Say “Yes” Faster

Picture this: you’re one car away from meeting your monthly sales goal, which comes with a nice incentive from the manufacturer. Your salesperson sits down

Credit score

Information Is Profit: How Investing in Consumer Credit Reports Can…

“Scientia potentia est.” When translated from its Latin origins, this phrase takes the more familiar meaning, “knowledge is power.” Your customers have capitalized on that

Man driving car

The Biggest Generation of Car Buyers… or Should We Say Car Leasers

Millennials are leasing: 29 % of all car purchases by millennials in 2015 were leases. The percent of millennials who are leasing is up 46%

Finance documents

3 Ways to Convince Your Customer to Finance Through Your Dealership

When a friend of mine bought her car a few months ago, her mind was set on financing the purchase through her bank. She has