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Andrew Knowles

Product Planning Manager, Vehicle Inventory applications

Andrew is Product Planning Manager at Reynolds and Reynolds for Vehicle Inventory based applications. Andrew, a graduate of Northwood University, has been with Reynolds for over 20 years and has held various positions in the Service, Support, Education, and Product Management departments.

Articles by Andrew Knowles:

Vehicle with popped hood

Closing the Gap on Open Recalls

Right now, over 50 million cars on the road in the U.S. have an open recall, according to CARFAX. Even though the NHTSA requires manufacturers to

Safety recall mailer

Addressing the Neglected Recall Process

So what exactly is wrong with the recall process as it is today? The main problem we see is actually due to technological advancements within

Pile of coins next to vehicle

How do YOU price a car?

You can hardly scroll down an automotive blog or website or flip through an industry magazine these days without seeing references to market-based pricing.  Certain

Vehicle lot

Standard VIN Decoder: Are you getting the details you need?

According to Automotive News, the 2020 used vehicle market is hot and competition is on the rise. This makes every vehicle on your lot even

Exchange money for vehicle

The Closing Profit Gap – Is your dealership ready?

It’s something the industry knew was coming for several years now, and whether your dealership is ready or not, it’s here. It’s the closing profit

Man on computer

“…But your website says you still have the car?”

According to NADA Data, dealerships spend an average of $321,001 annually on internet advertising. With that price tag, how often are you spending money on

Focus definition

It’s Time to Regain Your Focus in the Used Vehicle Department

It’s what I like to call the glasses revelation. When I was in junior high I noticed I couldn’t see the board without squinting. After

Man inspecting at vehicle

What Makes an Appraiser a “Great” Appraiser?

Some will say appraising a vehicle is one of the easier jobs within a dealership. “All you have to do is look in the book


3 Ways to Make Your Used Car Department Feel New Again

Used cars remain popular among car buyers. In fact we saw a 5.6% increase in vehicles sold in the retail used market in 2015. Sticker prices are

Cartoon man lifting a large puzzle piece into place

There Is More to an Appraisal Than Book Value…

I once visited a dealer experiencing tremendous loss when he took his aged inventory to the auction. He couldn’t figure out what the issue was