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Adam Kirdzik

Product Planning, Reynolds and Reynolds

Adam Kirdzik is a Product Planning manager for Parts and Service applications at Reynolds and Reynolds.

Articles by Adam Kirdzik:

Advisor reviewing updates with customer

Laws To Follow When Texting in Service

How Texting Advances Your Service Department In the last decade, the number of texts sent across the board has increased by 7000%. Used by people

Coins in jar

See if you’re using this popular profit-increasing technique.

58 cents. Most people would not pay much attention to 58 cents if they saw it laying around. It would be considered pocket change or

Advisors looking at monitor and talking on phone

Your Advisors Need to Stop Calling Customers

Alexander Graham Bell first patented the phone in 1876. Since then, the phone has gained a clearer signal, lost its wires, and turned into a

Man on mobile phone

5 Reasons Why You Should Text Service Customers

Automotive News has published many articles about service departments turning to text messaging over the past few years. One article noted customers who made an appointment and received a