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Business Office

Resources and tips for increasing efficiency and effective communications in the business office.

Tap to pay debit card held over terminal

Quiz: How well do you know payment processing?

Payment processing is a vital part of every business. It’s the PIN pad at the gas pump and the checkout portal on your favorite website.

Man looking overwhelmed, reviewing paperwork

Profit Isn’t Just About Revenue: Fixing Your Accounting Department

When automotive retailers think of creating new profit centers in the dealership, the accounting department is usually not the first place to come to mind.

Reporting data, person holding key

3 Keys to Reporting Success

Running a successful business is no simple task. It requires detail, planning, and strategy. And when you put it all into action, your dealership’s people,

Woman on laptop looking at data metrics

3 Common Obstacles in Your Digital Reporting

Just because reporting is digital doesn’t mean it’s efficient. See three common obstacles in this article.

Customer using mobile phone to tap to pay

Contactless Is the Future of Payments

As contactless payments surge forward amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, their value is priceless. Form improved experiences, to health and safety, to increased security measures, your

Man in suit holding plush heart

Where is the business office love?

You’ve probably heard it before: the business office is the heart of the dealership. Every document, process, and transaction initiated eventually finds its way there.

Cash coming out of gas pump

Is fuel fraud pumping your profits down the drain?

How much does fuel cost your dealership? I mean really cost? What if I told you the amount on your books could be significantly higher

Old time cards

3 Steps to Fixing Broken Timekeeping Processes – and Why It Matters

When your business is as complex as the average dealership, with all its various moving parts working together to achieve profitability, it can be easy

Man signing paper with feather

Errors Are Coming: The Problems with Manual Data Entry

Maybe you never considered how Game of Thrones could relate to your dealership. After all, there probably isn’t a throne, no one owns a fire-breathing


Profit-Per-Employee: What are your employees making (or costing) you?

Have you ever spent half a day drowning in Excel spreadsheets, trying to use your information to get results? Data should work with you, not