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Planning for Your ERA Release Upgrades

Article Highlights:

  • ERA release upgrades are required to stay up-to-date on the newest version.
  • Use this to-do list for a successful transition to the newest release.

There are three ERA® release upgrades each year. Each release includes enhancements to existing applications and the launch of new features. It’s crucial for your dealership to stay up-to-date on the newest version so you can get the best results from your system.


Use this short to-do list to ensure a successful transition to the newest release:


1. Schedule your ERA system backup.

Your backup should be scheduled for the night of the upgrade. It must complete in time to allow the activation and completion of the software update. To allow maximum completion time for upgrades, schedule the backup as early as possible following close of business hours the night before.


2. Log off the system

Remind all users to log off the ERA system the night of the update. Check any jobs scheduled to run and delay them if possible. If you use Parts Barcoding scanners, log them off as well.


3. Reschedule, if necessary

You will be notified of your scheduled date through your system admin email. You will also receive reminder notifications five days prior to the night of the upgrade. If for any reason the date does not work for you, call the Technical Assistance Center at 800.767.0080 to reschedule. Follow the prompts leading to the Hardware team.



It’s important to upgrade to the latest release so you can get the most out of your ERA system. By planning ahead and following these simple steps, you will experience successful upgrades every time.

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Senior Manager, Change Management Group

Mark Schaefer is the head of the Change Management Group, which is responsible for quality assurance for software applications and software deployment. He has been at Reynolds for over 27 years.

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