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Transitioning to Dynamic Reporting: What You Need to Know

Article Highlights:

  • Three reasons you need Dynamic Reporting.
  • Check out my.reyrey.com for more transition help documents.

By now, you’ve probably started making the change from Report Generator to Dynamic Reporting. We are committed to helping you make that change. In the first of a two-part series, we’re going to look at some of the features of Dynamic Reporting you were missing with Report Generator.

Too much information is a bad thing. It used to be easy for dealership personnel to access information they shouldn’t be reviewing. If your report wasn’t password protected, anyone could see it. But keeping track of passwords can be challenging. Do you really want your staff accessing all that information anyways? Now, with Dynamic Reporting,  dealership staff only view reports if they have the proper security, which you control by user.

Compare apples to apples. When you have more than one store, you need to compare them accurately. If service managers at each store are making different modifications to their copies of a report, how do you really know where they stand against each other? The answer: you don’t. With Dynamic Reporting you can create a report and share it with all managers in a ‘view-only’ format. Everyone is comparing the same information and you see where your stores really stand.

Focus your effort. Remember the last time you purged your closet? You had 18 suits but you were really only wearing four. How did you get so many? Do you really need them? Was your spouse being honest when she said wide pinstripes made you look slim? Now is your chance to focus your reporting efforts on what you really want to see. One dealership went from eight reports to one when switching from Report Generator to Dynamic Reporting. Having everything you need in one place is more efficient than comparing eight different reports for information.

Want more information on how to use Dynamic Reporting? Check out the Featured Topics on my.reyrey.com for information and Frequently Asked Questions from other dealerships making the transition just like you.

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Vice President, Customer Support

Dave Bates is Vice President of Customer Support at Reynolds and Reynolds. In his over 30 year tenure he has held roles at the company in marketing and customer support. Dave and his wife Carolyn enjoy golf, hockey, and spending time with their three children.

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