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Make Your Customers Feel Like a VIP Using Vehicle Interior Protection Products (VIP)

Vehicle Interior Protection Products
Article Highlights:

  • Show customers you care as much about their vehicle as they do
  • Avoid unnecessary and avoidable clean-up costs

Every customer wants to feel special when they come into your service drive. You greet them with a smile, address them by name, and provide various amenities to give them the VIP experience, but it’s equally important to consider how you can treat the customer’s vehicle with the same special care.

A customer’s vehicle is an extension of them. Beyond the quality work you perform, one way you can demonstrate your care for customers – and their vehicle – is through using Vehicle Interior Protection (VIP) products. VIP products include seat covers, floor mats, and steering wheel covers. These extremely valuable tools help you build your relationship with customers by showing you care as much about their vehicles as they do.

Building Trust with Customers

Customers expect to receive their vehicle back in the same, if not better, condition than it was when they dropped it off. This means their vehicle needs to be free of grease, oil, water, and other environmental factors. Cooler weather is coming in parts of the country, and with seasonal changes comes more dirt, mud, and snow that can be unintentionally tracked into vehicles. For those is arid climates, it’s near impossible to keep sand out of every crevice as well.

Using VIP products shows your customers you are dedicated to providing top-tier, clean service and will go the extra mile to keep their vehicle mess-free. Your commitment to cleanliness will go a long way to ensure repeat business by building trust and loyalty. These items can even be branded with your  logo and messaging, leaving customers with a friendly reminder of your dealership even after they leave.

Increase Positive CSI

Showing your dedication to a mess-free service experience can also result in more positive CSI results. Attention to detail has been proven to boost customer satisfaction, so why not take it a step further from your service facility to inside the customer’s vehicle?  VIP products give you an opportunity to visually show your customers the lengths you will go to treat their vehicle with care by removing them when you hand the keys back.

If you give a customer a perfect repair but a dirty interior, the only thing they will remember is the dirty interior. VIP products not only protect the vehicle, but they protect the relationship you have with your customers.

Avoid Excessive Expenses

VIP products also reduce the risk of damage to a vehicle that could result in excessive expenses. Your technicians won’t have to worry about taking extra caution entering and exiting the vehicle, and you don’t have to worry about unnecessary costs eating into your profits.

The average full-service detailing ranges from $150 to $500; these are huge costs you can avoid by simply using VIP products. You’re already doing service on the vehicle – do you really want to take the time and expense to clean it too?

It doesn’t cost much to make your customers feel like a million bucks. Build and maintain trust and loyalty by using VIP products that make customers feel like the VIPs they are to your dealership.

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