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That’s a Wrap: 2023’s Top 5 Fuel Articles and Connected Podcast Episodes

Article Highlights:

  • Discover insights you may have missed from our best Fuel articles of 2023.
  • Hear unique conversations with industry experts on the Connected Podcast.

If the past has proven anything, it’s that dealerships are able to remain strong and adapt to whatever comes their way. 2023 has been no different.  As the year comes to a close, let’s take a look at the most popular topics from the Fuel blog and Connected podcast.

This year, we covered a variety of topics and spoke with industry experts on everything from technician retention to thank you cards. Here are this year’s top articles and episodes readers, like you, found most helpful:


2023’s Top Articles and Insights from Fuel:

  1. What Can Three Classic 70s Songs Teach Us About Dealership Operations?

From classic rock to disco, heavy metal to funk, or soft rock to new wave, there are so many music options to listen to and enjoy from the 70s. Just as everyone has preferences in their music taste, so do your customers in the way they want to interact with you. Are you able to offer options for your customers that meet whatever need they have? Grab some headphones and see how these classic songs from the 70s teach us about modern dealership operations.


  1. There’s No Ghosting in Automotive

How often do you hear your salespeople leaving voicemail after voicemail without a call back? Or maybe emails and texts are getting no response? This is what’s called “ghosting” – someone (your customer) avoids you at all costs and stops returning your calls and messages. Sometimes ghosting is impossible to avoid, but there are strategies to help you reel customers back in and even prevent the problem before it arises.


  1. NADA 2023: The Next Chapter of the Reynolds Story

In 1927, a Dayton, Ohio-based company named Reynolds and Reynolds was awarded a contract to provide business forms for Chevrolet. Like most others who find themselves in the auto industry, from that moment, we couldn’t imagine doing anything else. As the industry evolved, we worked with our dealer partners, sleeves rolled up, to transform automotive retail. Today, it’s no longer just about being better – it’s about operating differently.


  1. Operating Differently in Service: Expanding Capacity with the Techs and Space You Have

We’ve all heard again and again that customers are comparing every transaction to the ultra-convenient experience they get purchasing on Amazon. But when you’re short on technicians and bays, it can be tough for your service department to live up to those expectations. Getting better or faster at what you’ve always done will only lead to marginal efficiency gains, if any. You need to run your service drive differently to see results.


  1. Could your parts department use a spring cleaning?

While spring cleaning may typically bring to mind tidying up your home or office, don’t overlook the opportunity to clean up your dealership’s parts department too. When clutter and disorganization take hold at a busy dealership, it can lead to costly mistakes and lost revenue. Let’s address some common issues dealerships face after the first quarter of the year and explore why spring cleaning your parts department should be on your to-do list this season.


2023’s Top Episodes of Connected:

  1. Car Buying Made Convenient; featuring Ashley Yard, director of client success at Gubagoo

Ashley Yard has been able to see the growth of online customer communications and virtual retailing firsthand over the course of the last ten years. In this conversation, she offers some great insights into the three layers of chat and lead generation, AI’s role in the car buying process, and what’s next for virtual retailing.


  1. Developing a Passion for Automotive; featuring Jenell Ross, dealer principal at Bob Ross Auto Group

As one of the leading woman dealer principals in the country, Jenell Ross has some great perspectives on reaching success within the industry and where dealerships are headed. This episode touches on her favorite part of working in this industry, what it’s like managing such a busy schedule, and how she keeps community philanthropy a top priority.


  1. How to Grow Your Fixed Ops; featuring Ed Roberts, chief operating officer at Bozard Ford Lincoln

In this NADA special episode, Ed Roberts shares his strategies for creating opportunities and growth at the dealership. Ed shares his career journey from a tech apprentice all the way to COO, and he provides some unique insight into why Bozard Ford Lincoln is investing in the training of new techs.


  1. Insights from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway; featuring Doug Boles, president of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Doug Boles has a diverse career background and an obvious passion for motorsports. Listen as he shares his personal history with motorsports, discusses the 100 Days to Indy docuseries, and retells stories from his time as the president of Indianapolis Motor Speedway. You can even hear his thoughts on the best seats at the Speedway!


  1. The Next Chapter; featuring Chris Walsh, president of Reynolds and Reynolds

After announcing a new logo and brand presence would be revealed at the NADA show, Chris Walsh stopped by Connected to shed some light on what the future holds for Reynolds and retail automotive in general. Tune in as Chris reflects on the last time Reynolds changed logos and answers the important question of ‘why now?’.


Moving into a new year means new opportunities, and we’ll continue to find new tips, tricks, and best practices to share along the way. Was there an article or podcast episode you missed this past year? Use this link to subscribe —or send the link on to a friend— and we’ll send insightful content directly to your inbox monthly.

As we close this final chapter of 2023, we thank you for being a valued member of our community, and we’re extremely grateful for your continued support. Here’s to 2024!

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Mollie Swygart is a marketing communications professional at Reynolds and Reynolds. She is an expert on Reynolds’ suite of cutting-edge marketing products, their functionalities, and how they can be utilized to improve dealership success. Mollie received her Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art and English from Marietta College. She also obtained an Associate’s Degree in Marketing from Rhodes State College.

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