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Dealer Stories: How Scranton Motors Improved, One Call At A Time

Article Highlights:

  • Scranton Motors places a true focus on the customer experience.
  • As a result, they are exceeding their 97% CSI goal.

The Ritz-Carlton is known for providing superior customer service and delivering personalized experiences to its guests. Hotel staff will go above and beyond to make their guests feel like family and connect with them on a deeper level. It’s companies like this that set a high expectation for customer experiences, especially for those with premium brands.

Your dealership is no different – you are a premium brand. The purchase of a vehicle is one of the most important and expensive purchases a consumer will make. The question is, are you meeting consumer expectations and delivering personalized experiences along the way?

It starts with the telephone. The moment the phone rings, your customer’s experience clock starts. Their first impression is something you can’t change, so it’s critical you get it right.

Meghan Scranton, Dealer Principal at Scranton Motors in Connecticut, knows the value of the customer experience and has implemented a customer experience management system to help set her dealership apart from the rest. She sat down with us to discuss their success:

“The telephone system helps us make our customers feel valued and respected, which has helped us exceed our 97% CSI goal in service. The customer’s information appears for each call, giving us an idea why they’re calling so we can save time and make them feel important. It has also helped us:

  • Save two or three steps when responding to each customer call.
  • Hold staff accountable for completing their tasks.
  • Prove, through call recordings, what was said when our integrity is challenged.
  • Identify when we need to adjust staffing levels or expand service hours.
  • Justify the need for a service BDC that is now bringing in an additional $10,000/month.”

Delivering an experience throughout the life of the customer’s buying journey is crucial to keeping satisfied customers and maintaining customer relationships. Whether it’s the first call into the dealership, a call to schedule an appointment, or a call asking about simple coupons, the telephone is the common denominator. With just one call at a time, you can improve your customer experience.

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Vice President, Marketing, Reynolds and Reynolds

Kasi Edwards is Vice President of Marketing at Reynolds and Reynolds. She leads the company’s marketing, advertising, communications, and Retail Management System messages to the market. During her over 18-year career with Reynolds, she’s built an accomplished background in sales, marketing, and product management.

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