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Whether for Halloween or a New Ride, Accessories Make the Difference

Article Highlights:

  • Customization allows customers to better differentiate their vehicle
  • Customers want a buying experience that can all be done in one location

With Halloween quickly approaching, many people are starting to pick out their costumes. And more importantly, what accessories they need to elevate their look. As that process begins, I can’t help but see some parallels between choosing the perfect costume and customizing the perfect car. Let’s dive into some similarities between the two.

Presented with Options

When you’re looking for accessories to complement your costume, there is a wide variety of options to choose from. You might go to a store knowing exactly what you want, while others go in with an open mind, waiting for inspiration. Then while in the store they are shown an accessory they weren’t even thinking about, and that’s the one they end up choosing. Had they not been presented with this option, they would’ve left the store never knowing it existed.

Similarly, in a dealership you can take advantage of these same opportunities. Customers might have a vision of how they want their vehicle to look, but you may have the opportunity to provide them with options they weren’t even considering. It could simply be talking about the benefits of adding splash guards to a truck or the importance of different protection products. The customer now feels more informed about the possibilities for their vehicle and could leave the dealership with an accessory they weren’t expecting to buy. Plus, the next time they are in the market for a new vehicle, they could be more curious to see what other accessories are available to them.


You never want to walk into a party and find you’re wearing the same costume as someone else. But, having the right accessories can make you stand out from anyone else! Take a skeleton for example. One person could wear a mask, another could paint a skull on their face, another person could have a skeleton costume that glows in the dark. Regardless, people will try to find ways to make their costume different from others. The more accessories you can add, the more you can stand out among the crowd. Not to mention, the more you’re able to customize your costume the more personal it is to you.

Again, the same is true for people when they are adding accessories to their vehicle. The more they can customize their vehicle the more they are able to differentiate it from others. Sure, customers will buy similar models, but it’ll be in different colors and with different features.  People want to be able to take ownership of their vehicle, so making sure that the proper customization choices are available to them is crucial.

All in One Location

When you’re shopping for a costume, you don’t want to visit three different stores. I can’t think of many scenarios where someone gets a costume at one shop and then goes elsewhere to search for the accessories that go with it. Usually, the accoutrements for a costume are displayed near the costume so you can see it and grab everything together; making it a convenient and seamless experience.

When customers are purchasing a vehicle they also appreciate the convenience of having everything available in one location. Your sales team should take advantage of the fact that they have a captive audience in the dealership to present accessories to. The customer is already looking to purchase a vehicle from your dealership, so why not show them accessories that could go with it. If they’re interested in accessories, show them the benefits of getting all the work done in one place, instead of going to an auto parts retailer down the street.

Just like you, your customers are busy. And they want a seamless buying experience that doesn’t leave them going door to door to find what they need. So, if there was a way to provide an interactive presentation that displays a wide variety of accessories to customers, it would allow for those expectations to be met, while also giving your dealership the opportunity to capture more of the accessory market.

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East Region AddOnAuto Consulting Supervisor

David is the East Region Consulting Supervisor for AddOnAuto. He has over 19 years of dealership Fixed Operations experience working as a Service Advisor, Assistant Service Manager, and Service Director. David joined Reynolds and Reynolds and the AddOnAuto team in 2014. Today, he uses his industry and AddOnAuto experience to assist the AddOnAuto Business Consultants in coaching, mentoring, and leading dealerships to develop a successful accessory program.

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