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5 Tips On Giving the Next Generation the Buying Experience They Want

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Article Highlights:

  • Enhance the sales and negotiation processes.
  • Decrease wait times and increase efficiency during the buying process.

Customers are continuously demanding better buying experiences. The Salesforce State of the Connected Customer report says 56% of customers actively seek to buy from the most innovative companies – that is, companies that consistently introduce new services based on customer needs and new technology.

Leading companies and retailers continuously invest money in new technology to enhance their customers’ experiences. For example, Lowe’s invested money in features to streamline the physical shopping experience. McDonald’s implemented kiosks in its restaurants for quicker ordering, shorter wait times, and increased efficiency resulting in an improved experience for customers.

It’s about keeping customers continuously satisfied. When you think about the experience your dealership provides customers, how does it compare to other retailers, companies, and even other dealerships? Here are five tips on how to deliver the experience your customers have come to expect.

1. Start at the beginning with marketing.

Today’s shopping process starts online. Grab customers’ attention and interest by making your marketing, dealership website, and third-party sites accurate and intriguing. Basing marketing efforts off customers’ buying and service histories with your dealership will ensure it is targeted specifically to the customer and their needs. Your internet marketing and inventory should be accurate across the board. Using a web-based tool to customize descriptions and images of vehicles, while automatically updating that information on all websites will make this task easier and more efficient.

2. Enhance the sales process.

Once the customer is at the dealership, exceed their expectations. Meeting the customer on the lot with a mobile sales process will impress them while making your buying process more efficient. Use an application that allows salespeople to find customer and inventory information faster so they don’t have to leave the customer.

3. Simplify the negotiation.

Stop running back and forth between the customers and manager. According to Autotrader, 56% of consumers do want to negotiate while buying a vehicle, but want an easier process. Simplify the process and increase customer engagement by using technology that makes the customer more comfortable. Lay out different deal options at one time so you and the customer have more interaction. This allows you to stay with the customer through the entire process so they feel more comfortable.

4. Decrease wait times.

After negotiation, customers get impatient waiting for F&I. They perceive this waiting period as wasted time and become frustrated. One way to solve this is by sending the negotiated deal straight to F&I so the required documents are prepared in advanced. While customers are waiting for the F&I process, consider an interactive presentation to discuss accessories. This will keep customers engaged and give your dealership opportunities for increased revenue.

5. Make the F&I process engaging.

Once customers sit down in the F&I office to sign final paperwork they are usually ready to bolt. Make the process engaging by allowing both the F&I manager and customers full view of the documents and options. Customers stay engaged and feel like they have more control over the process. They will leave the F&I office smiling and excited about their new vehicle and your store.

Moving Forward

By following these tips, your dealership will make the next generation of customers feel important to your business, engaged in the process, and excited about purchasing their vehicle.


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Senior Vice President, Marketing, Reynolds and Reynolds

Kasi Edwards is senior vice president of marketing at Reynolds and Reynolds. She is responsible for all marketing, including branding, advertising, communications, market research, and delivery of dealership marketing services. During her 23-year career with Reynolds, she’s built an accomplished background in sales, marketing, and product management.

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