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3 Creative Ways to Show Customers the Love on Valentine’s Day

Article Highlights:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Bring back repeat business

For many people, Valentine’s Day means heart candies and flowers, a nice dinner, and a box of chocolates from your loved one. But it’s also an opportunity for you to get in front of your customers in unique ways and make them feel special.

Simple gestures can go a long way when showing appreciation for your customers. Below are some effective ways to show them the love this Valentine’s Day and get your customers thinking about you as their one and only.


Special Gifts

Everyone appreciates receiving gifts, and what better way to connect with your customers on Valentine’s Day than with a free, personalized gift? Let each customer know you are thinking about them on this special day and appreciate their business.

Your customers will love thoughtful heart-shaped gifts such as stress balls, candy tins, sticky notes, pens, and power clip magnets, just to name a few. Alternatively, think about handing out personalized heart candies or chocolate bars with a wrapper customized for your dealership.

These simple, yet meaningful gestures of appreciation go a long way toward building those warm and fuzzy feelings with your customers.


Handwritten Greeting Cards

Consider sending handwritten Valentine’s Day greeting cards from your sales team to those who have recently purchased a vehicle. This not only makes your customers feel appreciated, but can help keep your dealership top of mind for any service needs in the future.

Handwritten greeting cards are also a great way to stay connected with your loyal service customers. Whether they recently came in for service or were a high-dollar repair order, you can thank them for their business and make them feel special on this day.

Sending personalized, handwritten greeting cards gets customers thinking about you, and can build a strong foundation for continued customer loyalty.


Exclusive Valentine’s Day Service Coupons

Offering sweet savings in the service department is another great way to give something that will have customers falling in love with your dealership. Perhaps offer customers a Valentine’s Day Service Package Special including four combined services for a discounted price or a free car wash with no purchase required.

Including these special coupons in your larger marketing campaigns, whether that be on a direct mail piece, your website, or part of an email campaign, is a great way to engage customers and increase dealership visibility.

Additionally, consider making these coupons available only to customers who are part of your rewards program or to anyone who signs up. Give them unique savings they will love.



Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to show customers how much you appreciate their loyalty and make them feel special. Create a buzz by handing out personalized gifts, writing handwritten greeting cards, and offering exclusive service coupons. Make sure your customer remains yours this Valentine’s Day.

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Erin is a marketing program manager with Reynolds Document Services. She specializes in creating marketing collateral and marketing programs to drive our traditional, LAW®, and marketing services businesses. Prior to working at Reynolds and Reynolds, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from The University of South Carolina.

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