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Maximizing Your Marketing Potential with QR Codes

Article Highlights:

  • Take advantage of the limitless opportunities with QR codes.
  • Amp up your marketing strategies and improve CSI scores.

Nearly 89 million US smartphone users scanned a QR code with their mobile devices in 2022 – a number predicted to reach more than 100 million by 2025.

The popularity of QR code usage has seen an immense increase across many industries since 2020, and the automotive industry is no exception. Even so, one could argue that dealerships haven’t begun to scratch the surface of all the possibilities QR codes bring to each department. We typically think of QR codes being used for tasks like inventory management in the dealership, and while this remains a useful and practical method, they have a myriad of capabilities that often get overlooked.


  1. No Limit to Where They Can Be Placed

QR codes can go anywhere, regardless of media type. This gives you maximum opportunity to put yourself in front of your customers and meet them where they are.

You could embed them in your email newsletters for inquiry or reservations or even place them on vehicles for more information regarding specifications and features. Don’t limit yourself by what you believe is the standard way to market your brand to your customers. Let your imagination run wild and have fun!


  1. Efficient Way to Measure CSI in the Service Drive

Since we’ve established QR codes can go anywhere, and on anything, why not use them in your service drive? CSI surveys have traditionally been completed through dispatch hang tags with perforated paper that customers can tear off, fill out, and mail back. Consumers will often skip these surveys because of their time-consuming nature, while others may complete the survey but forget to send it in.

By placing QR codes on your dispatch hang tags, customers will have a faster and more accessible way to respond and let you know how they feel about the service you provided them. This also allows you to address any dissatisfaction before an OEM survey is completed. You can use information given in CSI surveys to better understand what your customers value and where you should place emphasis in the overall customer experience.


  1. Track the Effectiveness of Your Marketing

While using QR codes for CSI surveys can track the quality of the service you provide, they can also be used to track the effectiveness of your marketing.

You send direct mail pieces to inactive customers to bring them back in your dealership – wouldn’t it be nice to know if they responded to your marketing positively? You advertise your website and encourage customers to value their trade – what if you could see how many customers actually do that? Whenever a code is scanned, you’ll get access to analytics data that shows how many times it was scanned and what happened on your website afterwards. This type of information can help you understand which of your marketing messages are working and which aren’t so you can make adjustments.

A QR code is meant to quickly and easily get your customer where you want them, but ultimately your content needs to be engaging and user friendly if you want to hold their attention. QR codes give you a chance to establish your dealership as a trustworthy and reliable resource by providing consumers with content relevant to them in a location they can’t miss.


We live in an age where accessibility is no longer an option, it is an expectation. QR codes are a great way to expand your marketing and help you reach customers where they are. Since QR codes can be placed practically anywhere, so can your brand. You want to put your QR code on a poster? Go right ahead. What about a business card? Do it! Nothing will stop you except for yourself.

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Marketing Program Manager

Erin is a marketing program manager with Reynolds Document Services. She specializes in creating marketing collateral and marketing programs to drive our traditional, LAW®, and marketing services businesses. Prior to working at Reynolds and Reynolds, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from The University of South Carolina.

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