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Year in Review: The Connected Podcast – Best of 2022

Best of Connected
Article Highlights:

  • Check out our newly built Connected studio.
  • Catch up on any Connected episodes you may have missed.

Back in March 2020, we started The Connected Podcast to stay in touch with and educate the automotive industry during the COVID-19 pandemic. After almost three years of engaging conversations, we’re just getting started.

Connected Experience Enhancements

Connected started out with a simple, side-by-side zoom.  In August 2022, we stepped up our game with a brand new studio. Better equipment, better angles, better atmosphere. On top of that, more and more dealers and industry experts are joining the conversation! 2022 has been a great ride.

Brian Pasch CNT

2022’s Hottest Episodes

We’ve had some great conversations this year with some popular guests. In case you missed any, here are the top 10 episodes from 2022.

  1. Safeguarding Your Dealership

Brad Holton, Founder of Proton Dealership IT, discusses the top three cybersecurity concerns for dealers and the FTC Safeguards Rule amendments.

  1. Rediscovering Reynolds

Reynolds and Reynolds President, Chris Walsh, talks about what we’re doing to improve relationships with dealers, plans to expand our footprint, and how we’re working to make our customers more profitable.

  1. Industry Trends with Cliff Banks

What’s the latest on the chip shortage? How will electric vehicles affect dealerships? Is the relationship between dealers, OEMs, and consumers changing as more technology is added to vehicles? Cliff Banks, Founder of The Banks Report, gives his answers and insights to these questions.

  1. Unmasking Synthetic Fraud

There’s a new threat to worry about: synthetic fraud. Ken Hill from 700Credit goes into how dealers can protect themselves from this looming threat.

  1. Collaboration Speeds Innovation

Paul J Daly and Kyle Mountsier from Automotive State of the Union (ASOTU) and The Automotive Troublemaker podcast discuss the importance of collaborating within the automotive industry.

  1. Service Advisors and Kiosks

The most successful dealerships are the ones who pair kiosk technology with their service advisors. Todd Marcelle dives into how service advisors and kiosks can work together.

  1. Community Outreach

Dealer principal, Peter Boulware, talks about how he got into the automotive industry, his football career, and why giving back to his community is so important.

  1. Redefined Retailing: Connecting the Dots

Brian Pasch, a well-known industry speaker, touches on several important topics: cybersecurity, Google Analytics 4, and connected retailing.

  1. The Automotive Information Highway

Susan Givens, Publisher of AutoSuccess Magazine, covers the evolution of media consumption, what AutoSuccess has in store for 2023, and how dealers can provide value by sharing quality information.

  1. Relationship Building from the Ground Up

B.R.T. – build relationships of trust. Michael Cirillo, host of the Dealer Playbook Podcast, talks about creating meaningful relationships in the industry and the importance of serving and empowering others.

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Brand Marketing, Vice President, Reynolds and Reynolds

Greg Uland is the vice president of brand marketing for Reynolds and Reynolds. He is responsible for customer communications and understanding and defining Reynolds unique position in the automotive retailing market. During his career with Reynolds, he has established a background in fixed operations, sales, and dealership marketing.

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