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Call Tracking Isn’t Just Tracking Calls Anymore

Call tracking
Article Highlights:

  • Customers expect you to know more than just who’s on the other line.
  • 4 ways to get a full overview of what’s happening on your phones.

When caller ID was introduced, the world was revolutionized. We no longer had to answer the phone to know who was calling. We’ve come a long way since then. Now, we expect businesses to know why we’re calling, give answers instantaneously, and solve issues quickly. This can be a feat for anyone, but luckily there’s a solution: call tracking.

Here are four ways call tracking can help your dealership succeed:

Receive Instant Information

Your goal shouldn’t always be to get the caller off the line ASAP. After all, the caller wants to know you can meet their needs. Instead, focus on simplifying processes such as looking up caller information, taking notes about the call, and recording relevant caller details.

However, a customer’s time is precious and more often than not, they’re looking to have a speedy conversation. To reduce call handling times without sacrificing customer service, try a desktop application that pulls up information about your calls in real time. You’ll be able to monitor inbound and outbound calls, receive call notifications, listen to call recordings, and update lead information directly from your desktop.

Connect Through Click-to-Call

It can take a while to make outbound sales, service, and marketing calls, especially when you consider the time it takes to dial the number, wait for the line to connect, and slip in short breaks between each call. In a single hour, an agent will only spend 55-60% actually talking to a customer[1]. Instead, save time, energy, and money by adding a dialing method that allows salespeople to connect with customers with a click of a button. This will reduce keypunching and ensure the right customer is called.

Maximize Your Lead Form Submissions

Have you ever lost an important sale because you overlooked a web lead that got lost in your inbox? Ouch. Keeping track of those leads can be difficult, but it’s important because the longer a prospect waits to hear back from a sales rep, the more likely they are to take their business elsewhere.

Implement an online-to-offline conversion tool that uses text-to-speech technology to convert the contents of the form to a recording. The agent then has the option to immediately call the prospect without even checking their email first.

Pass the Torch to Trained Experts

The average business receives 128 calls per day[2]. Do you know how many of these become missed sales opportunities? If you do, how much time are you spending determining that? Consider working with a professionally trained team of experts who assist you in recovering this lost revenue. They review your calls based on keywords, phrases, and abnormal activity to find those that were mishandled. They’ll send you an alert, so you can rescue the potential sale before it’s lost to the competition. These experts allow you to concentrate on selling more vehicles, instead of sitting behind a desk reviewing calls.

How will you use call tracking to enhance your business? From full customer overviews to missed call alerts, there are a number of ways to dial in to what’s happening on your phone. Try one or try them all, and see how your phone handling can take a 180.

[1] Call Center Help

[2] AT&T

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Vice President, Reynolds and Reynolds

Jody Huff is the Vice President of Sales Development at Reynolds and Reynolds and has been with the company for over 26 years. Jody’s alma mater is Texas A&M University where he earned a BBA in Marketing.

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