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Quiz: How digital is your dealership?

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Article Highlights:

  • Is your dealership a digital dynamo?
  • Take this quiz to find out.

We’ve been saying it: The world, and everything in it, is going digital. Where does your dealership fall on the digital spectrum? Answer the questions below to find out.


  • At your dealership, when customers are waiting on financing, what are they doing?
    1. Skimming the latest Reader’s Digest.
    2. Browsing the tire rack.
    3. Selecting accessories for their vehicle from a catalog.
    4. Adding accessories to their vehicle on a computer.


  • If a customer wanted to put a down payment on a car before they got to the dealership they could:
    1. We don’t accept deposits unless the customer is present.
    2. Call and speak to a salesperson and give their credit card info over the phone. The employee will type the information into the credit card machine and into your DMS.
    3. Call and speak to a salesperson and give their credit card info over the phone. The dealership’s credit card processor and DMS are linked so information is only entered once.
    4. Put a deposit down through our website.


  • When a customer arrives for service on their vehicle, they:
    1. Park their car in line and walk into the service bay to find the advisor.
    2. Wait outside the service drive until an advisor or valet is ready to greet them.
    3. Are greeted by an advisor who will hand-write their information.
    4. Are greeted by name immediately upon arrival by an advisor with a tablet.


  • Which most closely represents your F&I process?
    1. I think F&I managers present aftermarket products to all customers but we don’t track that so I’m not sure.
    2. F&I managers present aftermarket menus on their computer. After customers have chosen aftermarket products, all necessary paperwork is printed, signed, put in a paper deal jacket, and walked up to the business office.
    3. F&I managers present aftermarket menus on their computer. After customers have chosen aftermarket products, they use a signature pad to sign paperwork. All paperwork is then printed, put in a deal jacket, and walked to up to the business office.
    4. F&I managers present aftermarket menus on an interactive, digital display. After customers have chosen aftermarket products, documents are all signed in a digital format. Everything is then sent straight to the business office through the DMS in an electronic deal jacket.


  • You’ve asked your office manager to compile a report for your weekly staff meeting. How does she do it?
    1. She finds the information everyone needs in the DMS and in third-party tools, compiles it together, converts it to Excel, prints it out, and then removes the portions that don’t pertain to certain departments.
    2. She finds the information she needs in the DMS, converts it to Excel, prints it out, and removes the portions that don’t pertain to certain departments.
    3. She finds the information she needs in the DMS, compiles it, and sends it to your email.
    4. She doesn’t. She pulls up the dashboard and all the information you need is right there.


If you scored mostly 1’s, you’re a Digital Dinosaur. Your dealership could use some digital enhancements. Before completely resurrecting your dealership a la Jurassic Park, start with a smaller process change. Consider using a tool in service that allows customers to pay for their service work online and save your accounting office time reconciling. Prevent your dealership from going out with a big bang.

If you scored mostly 2’s, you’re a Manual Marvel. Your dealership has a few digital processes but you might be feeling Luke Caged.  Try implementing an electronic document storage solution to ensure efficiency for your employees and organization of important documents that are much easier to find than going through The Incredible Hulk of paper you’re storing.

If you scored mostly 3’s, you’re a Machine Maverick. Your dealership is out of the danger zone and into the digital world. But you aren’t the Top Gun yet. Are your customers bored waiting for F&I? Use a tool to keep them engaged while increasing your accessory profit. Are you ready to speed things up in F&I? Or use a tool that helps fund deals faster and keep customers engaged.

If you scored mostly 4’s, you’re an Electronic Einstein. Your dealership is well on its way to digital domination and you’re the Good Will Hunting behind the operation. Ensure you’re getting the most out of your technology investments with training for every dealership role.

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Marketing Communications, Reynolds and Reynolds

Madeline is a Marketing Communications Supervisor at Reynolds and Reynolds. Since joining Reynolds, she has marketed key solutions such as the docuPAD® system, eWorkflow, and Reynolds Retail Management System. She is currently a supervisor over the Reynolds Account Based Marketing team with a focus in fixed operations and the business office. She received her bachelor’s degree in Communication from Wittenberg University.

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