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7 Keys for Effective Mailers: The Holiday Season Begins Now

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Article Highlights:

  • Personalized mailers make a stronger impression.
  • Proper timing of your mailing is essential to make an impact.

There are less than 100 days until Christmas, and even fewer until Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday. The holiday season is quickly approaching, bringing with it an increase in shopping activity. Now is the time to attract more business to your dealership. As customers begin checking their mailboxes more often for cards and gifts, take the opportunity to put your message in their hands with an effective holiday mailer.

Successful mailers stand out from the crowd and give customers a reason to take action. To deliver an impactful message, here are a few tips to help your holiday mailer shine:

7 Keys for Effective Holiday Mailers

  1. Personalize your mailer. Include a photo of your dealership or employees to put a face to your name or include employee signatures with a heartfelt thank you.
  2. Address the customer by name. Put your customer’s name in the body of the mail piece (not just the address block) to give the piece a more personal feel.
  3. Incorporate your favorite charity. Let your customers know about causes close to your heart like Toys for Tots, a nearby soup kitchen, or local charities with a tie-in special offer. Not only will you raise awareness, but your dealership will be recognized for your contribution.
  4. Put your offer front and center. Advertise specials or coupons in prominent positions to make sure your customers see your offers.
  5. Make your mailer interactive. Include scratch-offs or mobile barcodes to give your customer a reason to interact with the piece, spending more time with your message.
  6. Make the mailer stand out. Incorporate bright colors, bold lettering, and festive images.
  7. Time your mailing for the most impact. Take note of these mailing guidelines:
    • Thanksgiving – mail in early November
    • Black Friday – mail in early/ mid-November
    • Christmas – mail in late November
    • New Year’s – mail in mid-December

The holiday season is the perfect time to thank customers for their business throughout the year. One dealer shared his thoughts on the value of sending personalized holiday mailers:

“When we implemented a holiday mailer we had a tremendous response during a normally slow time of the year. Customers were coming in droves. The mailer was colorful and personal; it wasn’t like the generic mailers you see in your mailbox.”

Remember, not all mailers are created equal. Make sure that you give your business the gift of a successful mailer. Ensure your message leaves a positive impression and helps you reach your desired goal.

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Director of Marketing, Reynolds Document Services

Chuck Havener is the Director of Marketing for Reynolds Document Services at Reynolds and Reynolds. Havener has more than 15 years of experience serving the automotive industry. His teams are responsible for the product management, marketing communications, compliance, and pricing functions for the Reynolds Document Services business.

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