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The Dealership’s Central Nervous System

Temecula Valley Buick GMC
Article Highlights:

  • From sales to service, the entire dealership connects.
  • Temecula Valley’s experience using a complete system.

When John Keohane, vice president of operations for Temecula Valley Buick GMC, thinks about what a DMS does for a dealership, “it’s the central nervous system.” Everything connects to it and flows through it: customer information, purchase history, transaction details. From sales to service to administration, the left and right hands are continuously talking to one another to create the highest impact on efficiency and profitability.

“We had a lot of conversations around how we were going to take our dealership from a box-ticking exercise into a money-making enterprise, and the decision was made to go with the full suite of Reynolds products.”

With this mindset as the framework, we spent some time with John and his leaders to see how both the front and back ends are excelling.

On the front-end

“The CRM is the best I’ve ever seen in the business. We can monitor the conversation, make sure the customer is being followed up on, and make sure their tasks are being completed.” Gary Woodcock, General Manager

“The deal is worked in the system. By the time they come in, it saves so much time and makes a happier customer experience.” Gary Woodcock, General Manager

“With Reynolds Retail Management System, it’s all interactive. You can have customers go through what they’re buying and actually see the benefit.” Matthew Basset, General Sales Manager

“We’ve seen a lift in CSI. We’re selling cars quicker to happier customers, and we’ve definitely seen an increase in front-end profitability.” John Keohane, Vice President of Operations

On the back-end

“A customer comes in today and is welcomed by a greeter. They go to the kiosk with the customer, they check in, and they’re on their way. Efficiency has definitely gone up.” Phillip Candido, Fixed Operations Manager

“Communication between the technician and the advisor happen through messaging. This keeps the technician in their bay, working on vehicles, which is really important.” Phillip Candido, Fixed Operations Manager

“From being able to accurately order parts from the service bay to having prices for parts and labor – the Retail Management System is flawless.” Fred Hayes, Service Manager

“You see the results. It makes us more profitable.” Phillip Candido, Fixed Operations Manager

The central nervous system

Temecula Valley has invested in the full Reynolds Retail Management System. They value how it builds on itself from sales to service, customer to customer, transaction to transaction. It’s a complete system leveraging one unique identifier, one single set of data.

The Retail Management System is the central nervous system for their entire dealership. For Temecula Valley Buick GMC, the difference is in the results.

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