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Copeland Chevrolet: “Far Exceeds the Competition”

FOCUS screenshot tablet
Article Highlights:

  • Jason Pappas evaluated a wide range of CRM tools.
  • FOCUS overshadowed the competition with its ease of use and versatility.

It seems there’s a new CRM tool or feature every month or two. It can be a challenge for dealerships to cut through the noise and find the best solution. Most CRM tools don’t make selling any easier. More often than not, they have the opposite effect, adding inefficiencies and complications where there should be simplicity.

Jason Pappas, general manager of Copeland Chevrolet in Brockton, Massachusetts, and his team looked at several solutions before they found what they were looking for in Reynolds new CRM solution, FOCUS. In his own words, “We were completely blown away.”

For Jason, there are three key areas where FOCUS overshadowed the competition:


“Instead of navigating through multiple tabs or windows, FOCUS takes key pieces of information, such as leads, sales progress, and individual/team performance metrics, and accurately displays it on the dashboard in real-time. We don’t even have to refresh anything; it updates on its own. I can’t tell you how much time I save not having to navigate through several tabs to get the information I need and verify its accuracy. In a lot of CRMs, I would have the dashboard, desk log metrics, sales report, and several more windows open to get the same information FOCUS gives me on one screen.”

Mobile Capability

“I love that I get an overview of the entire dealership and can hold my dealership staff more accountable for things like follow-up and completing sales steps on the mobile app. I’m also a big fan of the mobile manager and instant messaging in FOCUS. We’re not always at our desks, so the fact that a sale can be completed from anywhere and we can communicate with each other and customers remotely is huge. Being able to do something as simple as send an instant message through our CRM and receive it on our phones in the app has really streamlined communication throughout the dealership.”


“In my experience using other CRM tools, a decent amount of training was always necessary to get everyone up and running. The amount of training needed to get people going on FOCUS was a fraction of that. We were able to attend remote training and make the transition slowly. The more our employees used FOCUS, the more they were bought in. Especially my management team.”

FOCUS redefines what a CRM tool can and should be. Furthermore, as a piece of the Reynolds Retail Management System, information and data can flow to other parts of the dealership without manual integration. Jason summed it up best when he told us, “stacked against other CRM tools in the industry, FOCUS far exceeds the competition.”

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Senior Vice President, Marketing, Reynolds and Reynolds

Kasi Edwards is senior vice president of marketing at Reynolds and Reynolds. She is responsible for all marketing, including branding, advertising, communications, market research, and delivery of dealership marketing services. During her 23-year career with Reynolds, she’s built an accomplished background in sales, marketing, and product management.

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