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Building Your Suite of Solutions

Article Highlights:

  • “Only the best is good enough.”
  • Speaking the same language ensures that nothing gets lost in translation.

Every dealership is unique; from its employees, to its customers, and everything in between, including the processes and tools it needs to operate. What works at one dealership may not work at another, even if it sells the same make of vehicles and is in the same city.

LEGO® put it best when they said, “Only the best is good enough.” The mindset of building anything you can imagine needs to be applied to automotive retailing. The solutions you use in your dealership daily should be the best, so that you’re as efficient and profitable as you can be.

As a dealer you need to decide what tools and processes to implement, and the best way to understand what you need is to look at the problems you’re facing. Who knows those problems better than the people who use the tools every day (your employees)? Do they spend hours entering data received from your website into your CRM for follow-up? Do they waste time calling service customers for approval of work recommended not-done only to get their voicemail? Wasted time is profit going down the drain; after all, time is money.

Once you have an understanding of what your employees need to make your dealership more profitable, it’s time to build your personalized suite of solutions, choosing options that fit your dealership’s needs. Just like LEGO, the pieces you put together make something bigger and stronger than the individual pieces. The possibilities for success are endless; you can build it as long as you have the right pieces.

Choosing the right pieces is often the most challenging part. You need to be sure to choose solutions that work well together; communication is key and speaking the same language ensures that nothing gets lost in translation. Think of this as a themed set; do the solutions you have for each department carry the same theme throughout, or are they mismatched like pieces from different LEGO sets?

Your dealership solutions should work together seamlessly and make your team efficient so that you can earn maximum profit. If your tools aren’t working for you, it may be time to re-evaluate them. You need the best tools, because good isn’t good enough.

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Reynolds Consultant

Eric has more than 25 years of experience in automotive retail. He joined the Reynolds Consulting Services team in 2010, where he specializes in front-end solutions. Eric’s expertise of customer relations combined with his extensive product knowledge allows him to help dealers gain and retain satisfied customers.

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