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Your Top 10 from 2022: The Best of Fuel

The best Fuel articles written in 2022.
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It’s that time of the year again! Leaves have fallen, snow is coming, the new year is right around the corner, and now: Reynolds’ Best of 2022 Fuel recap!

While 2022 may finally feel a bit more normal socially, the automotive industry knows normal is a thing of the past. 2022 showed us we all need to keep up with constant change and face challenges head-on. Let’s unwrap this year’s top articles and see what readers, like you, found most helpful.

IT and Networking

The FTC Safeguards Rule Amendments + You + Reynolds… What You Need to Know

The FTC made amendments to the Safeguards Rule in an effort to help dealerships protect their customer data and improve their cybersecurity measures. The changes were set to take effect on December 9, 2022; however, the deadline was recently extended by six months. This means you have until June 9, 2023 to take a look at what security plans you have in place and address anything missing.

Parts and Service

The 3 Biggest Challenges of Being a Technician

Wasted effort, inefficient dispatching, and too much walking may be the reason 79% of technicians have considered leaving the industry. But, you can implement a few small changes for your technicians that may lead to better processes, opportunities, and job satisfaction.

Customers Are Calling for a Mobile-Friendly Service Experience

Customers want information and ease of shopping at their fingertips, literally. Offering mobile options is going to save you time and help the customer feel empowered. They can schedule appointments on their time, track their vehicle’s progress during an appointment, and pay electronically if they prefer. In a world full of smartphones and instant gratification, don’t let this call go to voicemail.

Sales and F&I

True Story: Buying Blindfolded

Online shopping is commonplace in our society, and the automotive industry has not shied away from diving in head-first. However, dealerships must make sure they are doing their due diligence by verifying the vehicle they are advertising actually matches the vehicle they have. One shopper learned the hard way that sometimes what you see (or don’t see) isn’t always what you get.

Fact Check: 5 Misconceptions in Remote F&I

Change can be difficult, but it’s hard to deny the facts: consumers want new ways to buy a car. That includes doing at least part, if not all of the process, from the comfort of their couch. While face-to-face conversations and wet ink signatures aren’t going anywhere, having digital interactions and electronic signatures can save you time and money.

Business Office

How to Run a Heart Healthy Dealership

You might be able to think of a few ways to keep yourself heart-healthy, but what are you doing to keep the heart of your dealership from clogging up? The business office is that vital organ of every dealership, and if it gets clogged with junk food, like paper, it negatively impacts everyone.

Dealer to Dealer

Life on the Road: What I Learned My First (38th) Year

From being the new voice of the customer, to implementing changes with the executive teams, Dave Bates, Reynolds’ Chief Customer Ambassador, took on his first (thirty-eighth) year with open ears and an excitement to learn — from you. He described his inaugural year as a rebirth for the company and said to expect even more in the future. Maybe there’s even more to unveil at this year’s NADA? You’ll have to wait and see.

Dealership Wide

Recon to Front Line Best Practices

Greg Uland, Vice President of Brand Marketing at Reynolds and Reynolds, Brad Schaffer, Director and Founder of ReconTRAC®, and Anthony Monteiro, COO of DRAIVER, gathered to discuss why recon is important to get vehicles to the front line as fast as possible, steps to put in place during trying times, and so much more.

How Will Dealerships Be Affected by Autonomous Vehicles?

While nobody is able to fully predict the future, we can look at the present situation and anticipate potential developments in the world of vehicle automation. Looking at dealerships specifically, autonomous vehicles will bring an influx of fleet operators buying large quantities of vehicles, which means heavier utilization, shorter vehicle life cycles, and increased service and new vehicle sales.

3 Big Trends to Keep Your Eye On

“Our world will not be the same in two years as it is today,” Greg Uland, Vice President of Brand Marketing at Reynolds and Reynolds, told Cliff Banks, Founder of The Banks Report. Navigating changes like supply chain issues, the rise and hype of electric vehicles, and more companies taking a direct-to-consumer approach will definitely be challenges keeping dealerships on their toes.

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