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5 Reasons to Get Hyped for NADA 2019

Article Highlights:

  • Find everything you need to stay on top of the competition at NADA.
  • Learn about new advancements made in the automotive industry.

This year’s NADA Show will be hosted in San Francisco, famously known for being the only city in the country with rolling Historic Landmarks. It makes sense that an event for car dealers would be held in a city with 500-horsepower electric motors turning endless cable loops. What better way to celebrate the advancements we’ve made in the automotive industry than by being served up a real-time piece of automotive history?

If the city alone doesn’t get your heart racing, here are five reasons you should be hyped for NADA 2019.

  1. Workshops, educational sessions, and more workshops. Workshops are a great place to learn more about hot industry topics that are affecting your dealership today. They’re collaborative, interactive, and structured to target the specific needs of each role and department in the dealership. There’s a good chance you can receive information on exactly what you’re looking for! Reynolds has one of our more popular speakers, Terry O’Loughlin, speaking about “From Gutenberg to Digital: The F&I Process and Regulations”.
  2. Expo booths. The NADA Expo Hall is the perfect place to find the latest products, solutions, and services. Whether you’re looking to streamline your operations, stay ahead of your competitors, or grow the success of your dealership, the Expo has everything you need. Stop by booth #435S to see how Reynolds Retail Management System continues to drive more profit for dealers.
  3. Peer-to-peer learning. Roundtable discussions among auto industry peers help brainstorm and problem-solve current issues facing dealerships. These learning sessions, collectively known as “The Exchange”, are focused on topics selected by attendees at their time of registration, so they are uniquely tailored toward real-world problems being faced by dealerships today. This is a great opportunity to provide input and get perspectives you wouldn’t otherwise have access to.
  4. Time away from your dealership means time to improve your dealership. It’s only a short time away, but it’s a chance to transform your dealership in just a few days. Use this time to truly focus on improving your bottom line without the daily distractions in your store. If you aren’t going to NADA, you can get the same benefits at our Innovation Center at headquarters in Dayton, OH. Reach out to your Account Manager for details.
  5. It’s in legendary San Francisco, “the city by the bay”. A stone’s throw from the ocean, historic landmarks, beautiful scenery… There’s no better place to learn, invest, network, and grow your business than in San Francisco!

Taking time away from your dealership can be challenging, but the tools you’ll acquire and the knowledge you’ll gain at NADA are priceless. Start getting hyped, automotive leaders! NADA 2019 is right around the corner and it’s an exciting time for growing your business. Check out booth #435S for the Retail Management System your dealership needs to jumpstart your growth.

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