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Gary Reinhardt

Product Planning, Reynolds and Reynolds

Gary Reinhardt is a Product Planning manager for Business Office and Reporting applications at Reynolds and Reynolds.

Articles by Gary Reinhardt:

Man signing paper with feather

Errors Are Coming: The Problems with Manual Data Entry

Maybe you never considered how Game of Thrones could relate to your dealership. After all, there probably isn’t a throne, no one owns a fire-breathing

Man climbing stairs with money pile

Wholesale Profit Loss: What’s it costing you?

Do you know your wholesale profit? What about loss? If your wholesale profit is fine, is fine really the goal? Even if you’re keeping tabs


Profit-Per-Employee: What are your employees making (or costing) you?

Have you ever spent half a day drowning in Excel spreadsheets, trying to use your information to get results? Data should work with you, not

Weight drowning man

Drowning in Documents: Removing the Paper Weight

Remember when transactions were hand posted? What about when purchase orders, cash receipts, repair orders, and parts tickets were manually posted by reviewing the ‘accounting

Business essentials

Time is on your side: Use reporting to get more done.

One of the problems you face is time. There isn’t enough of it, it moves too quickly, where did it even go? Here are three ways

Group looing at computer monitor

Increase utilization to drive efficiency.

You know the old familiar saying, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. The same goes with the tools

Man looking tired

Better Reporting, Not Coffee, Will Amp Up Your Morning Routine

At the start of a typical day, you drive up to the dealership, walk to your office, and start sifting through information.  You have a

Man working on computer, sitting in inner tube

Don’t Spend Your Vacation Waterlogged

Imagine this scenario: You plan a vacation. You pack and prepare. You’re ready to relax. But do you? Or are you calling the dealership for

Man writing with feather pen

Still Processing Deals in the Dark Ages?

There’s been a battle in your dealership since the dawn of time. It isn’t the haggling your sales staff go through with customers. It isn’t

Salespeople talking

The RIGHT Technology for Employees Makes All the Difference

Editor’s Note: This article was written by guest author Brett Slaughenhaupt, who was an intern in the Reynolds Marketing Communications department. Brett is a 3rd year English student