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Find Training Options Inside New Contact Management

Article Highlights:

  • Learn It activities give you quick refreshers on new Contact Management.
  • You can easily access Contact Management training from the help menu.

Whether you are new or experienced at using Contact Management, there is always something more to learn. You may have 5, 30, maybe 90 minutes, or perhaps a full day to learn how to better utilize your system. There is a training option to match your time available within new Contact Management.

Here’s how to get started:

Go to the Help Menu from anywhere in new Contact Management.


Here, you can choose from several training options:

Learn Its – Short, self-guided courses to help you find quick answers on specific topics. Access them at any time.

Webinars – Free ‘Net training sessions on basic and advanced Contact Management topics. Attend them as many times as you need. Webinars are offered several times each month and last from 30 to 90 minutes.

‘Net Classes – Hands-on classes taught over the internet with a live instructor. These classes can be taken from anywhere; you just need a broadband internet connection and a pair of speakers or a headset.

Classroom classes – Hands-on classes with a live instructor and the opportunity to step away from your dealership and focus on learning the system in a classroom environment while interacting with other users.

Learn Its


Select Learn It Now! to get a list of the topics available. Is there an area where you need to refresh your knowledge? What specific topic would you like to learn? Learn Its are short lessons to help you understand a topic quickly.


For example, if you want to know how to complete an activity, select the Activity – How to complete an activity? Learn It.


The Learn It will open and you can read and follow the instructions from there.

Webinars, ‘Net Classes, and Classroom Courses


The Online Training option shows free webinars available on basic and advanced topics in addition to an administration webinar, ‘Net Classes, and Classroom Courses for new Contact Management.

For free webinars, select the Click Here link to attend the class at the day and time that best suits your schedule. You only need a broadband internet connection and a pair of speakers or a headset to join Reynolds customers from across the country and learn about Contact Management.


If you are looking for a more hands-on experience, there are two more options on the same Contact Management training page. You will find new Contact Management ‘Net Classes that are individual sessions offered twice a day at a cost of $95.00 per session per computer logged in. There are 8 sessions in the class and you can sign up to take all of them or just the ones you need.


The final option is classroom training. This is a 3-day classroom class away from dealership distractions, with hands-on exercises and a live instructor. You have the opportunity to share knowledge with and learn from other Contact Management users.  This class costs $948.00 per person, including breakfast and lunch each day. It is taught twice a quarter in Dayton, OH or Houston, TX.

Here’s what attendees of the class had to say :

“They did a great job of unfolding the system, showing us how each item was important, how it worked, and how I can use it. When we got into that learning environment, they made it really fun. We talked about the real world, and they asked questions to make sure we saw connections.” Jim Taylor, Internet Sales Director, Capital Toyota and Lexus of Chattanooga

“I highly recommend that dealership staff take advantage of these courses. I wish I could keep the instructor on speed dial, she really dove in deep to all aspects of new Contact Management.” Lisa Dodd, Salesperson, Madera Toyota


For more information about new Contact Management training, email Reynolds Software Education at SED@reyrey.com or call 937.485.1700.

Ready to upgrade to new Contact Management? View a short informative video, check out an interactive guide to the new features, and sign up to learn more at reyrey.com/newcm.

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Software Education, Reynolds and Reynolds

Kim Kelley has worked in Software Education for over 5 years. In addition to teaching both online and classroom courses, Kim reviews and updates course materials to match recent software changes.

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