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Bryan Honda’s Innovative Payment Solution

Article Highlights:

  • Bryan Honda puts consumers’ convenience at the forefront.
  • Improving the payment process is a core piece of improving technology.

Innovation has changed the way we live. From waving down a taxi to ordering an Uber, watching television in black and white to color, and using the dictionary to look up a word’s spelling to using auto-correct, innovation and technology are common denominators. For most consumers, technology isn’t given a second thought – it’s all they know.

For most dealerships, payment processes are a time consuming part of the transaction. But as consumers become more in tune with their technological preferences, it’s clear the way we choose to pay will be at the forefront. In an effort to meet these preferences and offer an innovative storefront, many dealers have turned to Reynolds and Reynolds.

We spoke with employees at Bryan Honda to see how they transformed their payment process from operating “in black and white to color”, ultimately changing the way they do business.

“We had fought with cashier line ups, cashiers trying to get a coupon added, customers leaving not knowing if everything was completed. It was a debacle. When we went to ReyPAY®, it was the best thing we ever did.” Randall Wood, Service Director

“From data entry, having to enter it in multiple places and transposition errors, not doing the right RO number, it was death by one thousand cuts. Now when you’re closing out an RO, you can’t fat-finger an RO number, nor can you fat-finger an amount.” Eason Bryan, Dealer Principal

“Customers can view the invoice and pay it before they get here. The convenience really equates to people’s personal time, which is the only finite resource we have. No one wants to waste it.” Eason Bryan, Dealer Principal

In short, Bryan Honda was able to:

  • Allow customers to pay online and pick up their vehicle when it’s convenient for them.
  • Enable automatic, pre-filled RO numbers and amounts.
  • Speed up transactions with a simple, single swipe.

Improving the payment process is a core piece to improving technology in your store as payments are a key part of all dealership departments. It’s more important than ever to think about how to transform the process from black and white to color.

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Senior Vice President, Marketing, Reynolds and Reynolds

Kasi Edwards is senior vice president of marketing at Reynolds and Reynolds. She is responsible for all marketing, including branding, advertising, communications, market research, and delivery of dealership marketing services. During her 23-year career with Reynolds, she’s built an accomplished background in sales, marketing, and product management.

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