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Rely on What Sales Tells Her? Joyce Aldridge No Longer Has to Do That

By Joyce Auldridge
Office Manager
Hoyte Dodge Chrysler Jeep
Sherman, TX

I’ve been in the business office at Hoyte for over 20 years and have used a variety of systems, including ADP and Reynolds. Now I’m using the new Reynolds system, ERA-IGNITE, because it makes my job easier and helps me to be more efficient.

With ERA-IGNITE, I no longer have to rely on what Sales tells me. Previously, the only way I could reconcile the number of sales and grosses was by comparing Sales’ spreadsheet to mine. With ERA-IGNITE and Retail Management Intelligence, I can customize my Dashboard and pull these figures up side-by side immediately.

In addition, I have customized other reports and saved them to my “RMI Favorites” to review daily. The ease of accessing information in ERA-IGNITE is 400% better!

Not only am I thrilled about the reporting, but also the improvements to accounting. I have the ability to add remarks to my schedules which eliminates the need to pull folders. For example, I can now add notes to my deal receivables and review unpaid balances.

If it wasn’t for this feature I might have pulled the same folder three times in a single month. As a result, I’m able to research issues more quickly, which significantly increases my productivity.

The ease of movement and accessibility of information is by far more superior to anything I’ve used before. I can’t tell you how many keystrokes I have saved and how much faster I can finish my work using ERA-IGNITE.

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